Google’s New found love Android Silver May Come In 2015

Knock ! Knock! Google’s  Android Silver in the Buzz

Search giant Google’s inclination towards Android is roaring very high with the recent buzz on Android Silver Program. Silver Program is an Android uniquely certified by Google and which is going to be ascended amongst several OEMs (Including Motorola, HTC, LG and Samsung) in order to provide a pure Android experience. Google’s wrestling with other mobile giants is quite evident and as a major step in this aspect, Google has decided to partner with other prominent android manufacturers instead of creating its own  Smart phones. Android Silver program is still resting in the cocoon but upon its launch it might create a great spur indicating the beginning of Google’s high end hardware at affordable prices and providing pure android experience.

Features of Android Silver

Google’s Android Silver will come with less number of pre-installed apps and will give its users an option to uninstall any preinstalled app easily. Android silver will woo the crowd by offering timely software updates . Google’s intention is not limited only towards customer satisfaction but something much more has been stored in its works.  Android silver would be purely crafted to devote more focus on the development of hardware features which includes two important aspects of an android, i.e. water proofing and voice recognition. It is allegedly reported that phones covered under Silver program would have a set up of latest Android version with limited  software customisation from the manufacturer. Behind all the efforts on Android program, Google plans to sway the Android Zone from mobile giant Samsung as in today’s date Samsung has dominant influence on  Android. Within the realm of acquiring full focus ,Google will allow people to have video chat through Google hangouts with support representative who could help in solving  issues related to their phone. As a part of its publicity campaign, Google may offer loaner devices for those who have their phones lost and stolen

Things which we can expect from Silver Android Program

Inconsistency rules across all the Android devices whether it is from HTC, LG or Samsung. All of these mobile giants have their own ways to define what Android should be and as a result of these variations the user gets muddled about the features . But android silver will shelve all kinds of confusion and will make naive approach that would be breathing from the same platform. i.e. in Google’s version of Android. Users expect consistency and Google’s silver android program is right now on its wheel to generate a “pure” form of Android without any unwanted software that covers up excessive disc space memory than it requires.Google has opted the status “Silver” for the Android silver to help them gain additional promotions during and after sales events. This can highly attract the attention of support channels .

Is Google planning to Axe off the Nexus line in favor of Android Silver?

Nexus in recent times has been successful in acquiring the status of  Android which is inexpensive with lot of raw power and perfect for development and use. Nexus program allows fast updates in a cheap price .But Google may kill the Nexus line and go ahead for the launch of iconic Silver Android Program. This step by Google may be taken to establish Silver Android as a premium Android delivering “consistency“in its features in the Smart phone market and may even give tough competition to iPhones by limiting the bloatware.

We do not see this as killing the Nexus line, as all the phones under Android Silver lineup will actually be what the present day Nexus series about. Pure Android experience. Only thing that differs is the pricing, but with more manufactures competing under the Silver program, pricing should be competitive, and we may actually get better value for money than the Nexus line.

What makes Android Silver different from Nexus line?

Android Silver is an outcome of Google’s hardware and software standards. Google was oriented towards working with one manufacturer, per year for the range of Nexus devices but Silver Android Program will effortlessly allow different manufacturers to sophistically design Androids adhering to Google’s set of rules. This gripping step led by Google will allow dozens of Silver devices to get launched per year. Users will be elated as they will be able to witness broad choice of high performance but, reasonably priced  Android consecutively each year.

 Speculations around the corner

Google has decided to maintain silence when it comes to defining the cost and at this point no one is aware of the price of Silver Android. But we can expect the launch of silver android in the month of February 2015. According to new reports Android Silver will premiere on a LG handset.  silver1   silver2   silver3   Then, it further explains that Android Silver will premiere on an LG handset with an eight core, 64 bit Qualcomm 810 and MSM8994.   silver4 We can only wait to experience the radical changes by Google’s in the form of Silver Android Program. Do you think Android Silver is going to eat into iPhone sales?

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