How Did I Get 40 GB of Dropbox Storage for Free!

Cloud storage has become important these days. Everybody wants their data to be accessible from all their devices and virtually any device with a web browser. There are several cloud storage services out there. Just to name a few, there’s Sugarsync, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive and so on! However, all of these services limit the amount of data which can be stored. While Sugarsync and Skydrive start you with 5 GB and 7 GB respectively, Dropbox provides shy 2 GB of storage for free. Thanks to many tricks, you can increase this storage space for no extra cost! This tutorial provides tips about the Dropbox, but some of the tips can be used with other services too. Let’s get some Dropbox storage for free!

Complete the ‘Get Started’ part

Get Dropbox storage for freeSo, you have got new shiny Dropbox account, (If you haven’t, you should! Click here to get started.) You start syncing all your documents and bam – you’re out of space. You have already consumed the 2 GB space you got. Don’t worry, there is very easy way to boost that space by 250 MB. While it might not seem much, little extra for free shouldn’t hurt, right? Log in to your Dropbox account and click the ‘Get Started’ tab to get started. Once you finish the steps, you should have earned extra 250 MB of space right away!

Sugarsync also has also similar offer to boost the space.

Like and Share

You can complete a few more tasks and earn some space. Log in to your Dropbox account and click on the ‘Get free space’ link at top right corner. There you have a bunch of tasks you can complete to have more space.

Use mobile apps

Dropbox Storage for FreeYes, simply using Dropbox app on your phone should earn you a lot of space. Especially, if you have recently bought new Android phone from HTC, you may get around 25 GB (yes, you read it right!) of extra storage space. Sugarsync, on the other hand, offers some sort of game-tutorial for providing extra space from mobile apps.

Keep an eye on beta

This is one of those little known tricks. Dropbox has been regularly dropping public beta versions of their apps – you know, for testing purposes. But why would you be interested in testing their app? Because, in addition to new features, you get a lot of free space just for using those betas. A few months ago, when they were testing automatic photo uploads, every beta tester was awarded around 5 GB of extra storage space!


This is your primary weapon! Both Dropbox and Sugarsync have referral programs. All you have to do is to make your family and friends sign up for the respective service. To do this, log in to your Dropbox account and click on ‘Get free space’ on the top. From there, you can invite your friends via email or you can get a referral link to share. I personally recommend inviting all your friends. Additionally, you should share your referral link on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Also, put the link in your signature of email and various forum accounts. Once your friend signs up for Dropbox (via email invitation or referral link) you and your friend both get 500 MB of extra space. Sugarsync provides similar referral program. If you plan to sign up for Sugarsync account, this link will provide you bonus 500 MB space.


This is yearly trivia event from Dropbox. All you do is play some games, do a bit of treasure hunting, solve some puzzles and you have extra Dropbox space right away! If you win the game you may even get really hefty (100 GB) amount of extra space. Here is this year’s Dropquest.

Dropbox Spacerace

Dropbox Storage for FreeIf you are a student, you are in luck. They are offering extra space for making your schoolmates use Dropbox. More the number of schoolmates participate in the race, up the space goes. Moreover, each of your schoolmates in the race gets extra space too. Follow this link to run in the race!

By following all these tips I have managed to increase my Dropbox size to 40 GB for free. Got any other Dropbox tips? Let us know via comments.

3 thoughts on “How Did I Get 40 GB of Dropbox Storage for Free!

  • December 13, 2012 at 10:32 am

    If a friend I recommend opens a Dropbox account, I get 500MB of extra storage, which significantly boosts the 2GB limit you get with a free account. You can do this for up to 28 friends, to earn a total of 14GB of extra space.

  • December 7, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    Akshay – This was awesome stuff…i use DropBox for most of my picture sharing with friends and family and these tips to increase space for free is just too good.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. Really appreciate it. I am now off to download the Android app on my new HTC Rezound 🙂


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