How PD Proxy Helps You to Browse the Internet Safely

How PD Proxy Helps You to Browse the Internet Safely

Everyday you browse the internet through your browser with the help of ISP[Internet service provider] connection. But did you know that you leave the traces behind the server each website you visits and what you browses in it and for how much time you stayed onto that website every activity is stored in the server but you don’t want that someone always keeps on tracking your activity online or your online activity stored on the server log uselessly.

If you want that nobody can track your location or don’t want to reveal your IP address. You can use PD-proxy which helps you to browse all the website anonymous [ Means no one or anybody] . With the help of PD-proxy you can unblock various site which are blocked in Schools and College like Facebook , Twitter and Google+ are mainly blocked by College universities and the School authorities so that students can give their full productivity in studies.

pd proxy diagram

How PD-Proxy helps you browse block site?

First pd-proxy create a hole in your service provider server or campus server firewall then the data[ packets] is now send through PD-proxy VPN servers then wow your IP address changes and Your locality of  Browsing through internet changes and then your traffic is now flown through Public Internet and then the desire website opens in front of you.

How Pd-Proxy Protects your identity over internet?

You might be using WiFi hotspots for internet connection but all your data received or send are on air clear. WiFi is a radio, broadcasting everything to anyone who bothers to listen. Web pages, emails and passwords, instant message traffic, everything that’s not encrypted is readable by anyone in the area.

PD-proxy uses VPN technology to create a secure tunnel between your computer and pd-proxy server. When you connect with PD-Proxy all your internet traffic will flow through their secure encrypted tunnel preventing others by intercepting your information. It gives your connection an additional layer which wasn’t there with your existing ISP.

Be safe and surf anonymously, go for PD-Poxy