How to Enable Mac Filtering to Prevent Others from using Your WiFi

If you use direct Ethernet connection, you have to keep very little thing in mind to be always in safe side. However, if you use Wi-Fi router, you may have to take few more steps to make your WiFi connection secure. Almost all WiFi routers come with a basic security that prevents others from using your WiFi connection. That is password protection.

This tutorial will assist you to allow or permit particular users from using your internet connection. Obviously, this is recommended to use very strong password. Otherwise, this tutorial will not help you.

How to Enable Mac Filtering to Prevent Others from using Your WiFi

Mac Filtering is such a great security feature of any WiFi router that helps you to prevent any third party person from connecting to your WiFi router. In fact, you can block or allow any particular connected device from using your internet connection.

Mac address aka Media Access Control Address is a unique address that is provided by physical network adaptor. Every device comes with a unique Mac address.

P.S.: There is no interlink between Apple Mac and Mac address.

How to enable Mac filtering?

Almost all WiFi routers provide this option. May be different routers have different path but the workaround is same.

Note: The following tutorial has been executed on a D-Link WiFi router.

At first, log in to your WiFi router’s control panel. Generally, all routers have a different IP to log in. But, you can also enter router in the URL bar and hit enter. Some Belkin G routers open the control panel using this technique.




Netgear: or

Belkin G: router/

If you have any other router, you can simply make a Google search or ask to us to find the IP.

After signing in to the router’s Cpanel, try to find out Mac Filtering. D-Link provides two important options.

First, you can block particular device.

You can allow particular device.

If you want to block any specific device, just select Turn MAC Filtering ON and ALLOW computer listed to access the network.

Mac filtering in dlink

After that, enter your MAC address. To find your MAC address, follow the below steps,

Step 1: Open command prompt (go to start menu and type cmd).

Step 2: Type ipconfig /all and hit enter.

Step 3: You will get an address something like the following one,

MAC Address

Just copy and paste this address to the Router’s settings page and save the settings.

If you want to block specific device from using your router, select Turn MAC Filtering ON and DENY computer listed to access the network. After that, enter the MAC address and save your settings.

Important Note: Blocked devices cannot open router Cpanel as well. That means, if you have mistakenly entered your MAC address in the block list, you have to reset your router.

That’s it. If you have any other router and you are facing problems to set up Mac Filtering, do let us know. We will try to help you with proper info.

Here are some other tips to make your LAN connection more secure.

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  • June 27, 2015 at 4:58 am

    or do it the way I do it,

    Two WIFI’s, one real, one fake. Fake logs all actions credit cards, etc. As far as I am aware its not illegal since it is my network, they are connecting to a restricted network, that I never gave them permission to. As far as I am concerned they are just my credit cards.


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