Mario and Turtle

Mario and Turtle

In the early days of cell phones, games on the phone were there as a distraction. If you had to ride the bus or wait in line for a few minutes you could pass the time playing snake. As the phone got more advanced, so did the games.  All of a sudden people discovered they could toss a bird and destroy the bad pig’s structures or slice fruit up with a sword, simply by moving their finger along the screen. We were no longer satisfied with a simple game like snake, and the game developer started to invest time and money into creating better games for mobile devices.

Mobile Gaming’s Rise to the Top 

There are many online games that you can play from your smartphone, one of the most popular games is online slots game that you play for fun or real money. The online casino industry has seen the rising popularity of mobile gaming and they have started developing games for their players on the go. Whether a player is interested in playing Live Roulette, craps or blackjack, they are now able to access those, and other top casino games from their mobile device.`

This is Just the Beginning

It is amazing to think about, but mobile gaming is still in it’s infancy, and has already completely changed the way we play and purchase games. The gaming industry as a whole,  meaning console, PC and mobile, is worth close to $100 billion this year, and according to recent reports the mobile sector brings in about a third of that revenue.

As virtual reality games start to become more mainstream and the development of mobile games continues, research indicates that by 2019 mobile gaming will have overtaken both console and PC gaming in total revenue,

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