Oppo R5 Smash Test

Oppo is widely known for offering premium smartphones that offer great specs at not so great prices with exciting and many times, new features that have never been seen before in the market till now. One such device is the Oppo R5 that until a few days back held the title for being the slimmest smartphone in the market. The title has now been awarded to the Vivo X5 Max but thats not the topic of our discussion. The Oppo R5 may have lost the title of being the slimmest smartphone in the world but it is not out of things to boast about. While we all know about how good the device is at performance. Oppo has uploaded a video on YouTube to show us how tough the device is and how much of pounding it can take and trust us, you’d be surprised.

The video shows the Oppo R5 taking some serious beating by cutting an apple and a watermelon in half, cracking walnuts open and even driving a nail into a plank of wood. The nail was repeatedly hit on it with the R5’s side and after all this, the R5 did not have a single dent or even a scratch on it. If that does not seem to convince you of the R5’s superior build quality, the guys even drove a car over the R5 and the device was still working in a perfectly condition, with no scratches or visible deformities on the screen.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video yourself:

The video in no way looks like it has been created using some digital effects though we cant guarantee that it is genuine. The Oppo R5 is almost fully made of metal with just a few plastic parts and thus has a pretty solid build and feels pretty good to hold in the hand. But all that pounding and no scratches and dents makes it a little hard to believe. If you haven’t already checked out the the Oppo R5, here is the review of the device from the guys over at Android Authority.

The Oppo R5 is priced at $499 and considering the specs and the build quality as shown in this video, we’d say the Oppo R5 is not a bad choice at all, infact a great choice for all those are in the habit of dropping their phones frequently or have sudden cravings to hammer nails or smash fruits with their smartphone. The only disadvantage of owning this smartphone would be the non-expandable 16 GB on-board memory which many may find disappointing. What do you think? Would you go for the Oppo R5 with just 16 GB of storage memory? Leave your views in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.

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