Are you are a GOM Player user? If YES and want to access GOM Player for Windows remotely from Android and iOS, here is a solution. Sometime we play a song and go to another room. Hence, your music player plays the song oftentimes. If it is your favorite song, everything is fine. However, if, the audio does not belong to your favourite song list, this may be annoying.


Therefore, today I am going to introduce such an awesome application that helps users to access GOM Player and GOM Audio for Windows from Android and iOS.

How to access GOM Player for Windows from Android and iOS?

Before getting started with this tutorial, you should know the requirements. Your mobile and PC must have to be connected with the same Wi-Fi network. This following application works on Wi-Fi. Hence, that would be the first requirement.

As today I am going to use a third party software, your platform or OS should be fit. Today I am going to use GOM Remote, which is developed by GOMlab. You can download GOM Remote for iOS 4.3 or later version, Android 2.2 or later version and Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Meanwhile, you should know that I have tried to use this software on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview and the testing was successful.

Inorder to access GOM Player thru GOM Remote you fist need to download it.  After downloading and installing, you will get a screen on your PC that looks something like the following picture,


You will get a nine (9) digit pairing key. This key will let you connect your mobile. At the same time, you will get the following screen on your mobile. (This screenshot belongs to an Android mobile. Nevertheless, the set procedure is same on iOS.)


Just enter the correct pairing key in the empty box. After that, you will get a 4-digit PIN code on your PC’s screen.


Again, enter that code on your mobile. If you have done with these steps, you will get a remote on your mobile screen.


Right from this screen, you can control your entire GOM Player that is installed on your Windows PC. This remote has plenty of options and all of them are categorized in four different tabs.


The Main tab is the start screen of GOM Remote for Android. You can do the following things from this tab,

  • ON/OFF GOM Player
  • Increase/Decrease volume
  • One click mute
  • Play, pause, skip music and video



The very tab is Advanced. This tab helps used to do the following things,

  • Minimize GOM Player in System
  • Make full screen
  • Change aspect ratio
  • Turn ON/OFF subtitle
  • Change Subtitle size
  • Change playing speed



This particular tab is for them, who do not like to tap multiple times to change volume or song. You can do the aforementioned things by swiping.



If a video is playing on our PC and you want to capture some screenshots, you can make use of this section of GOM Remote. Capture tab of GOM Remote will let you capture screenshots of running video.



Apart from all these things, you can find some settings as well. Right from the Settings tab, you can Shut Down PC, Enter Sleep Mode and Restart your PC. All these options are included in Power Options. After that, you can change the player. By default, it runs for GOM Media Player. But, this is possible to change it to GOM Audio or PowerPoint.

Bottom Line

If you often play songs using GOM Player or GOM Remote, this application could be a great solution for you to access this player remotely. On the other hand, GOM Remote is available at free of cost. Therefore, there is nothing to lose.

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