How to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts at the Same Time

So you have a number of Google accounts and would like to access all of them at the same time instead of using multiple browsers and having to sign-in and sign-out of different Gmail accounts. Fortunately with Google’s new Multiple Sign-in feature you can access all your Google accounts simultaneously. Here’s the complete tutorial on how to use the feature and access multiple accounts in the same browser:

1. Open and log in using your primary account as this will be the main account which will be used throughout.

2. The Account overview page will appear from where you can edit various settings including your Password. Look up ‘Multiple sign-in‘ which will be located under the Security heading and just below the Password.

3. Since Multiple-sign in is currently off, we need to enable it. Click Edit beside Multiple sign-in.

4. You will be redirected to a page with all the details about the Multiple-sign in feature. Check the “On – Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser” option and select each of the check boxes given there to confirm you understand how to use multiple sign-in.

5. Click on Save

6. You will see a confirmation message on the top of the page. Now click on the Back button to go back to your Accounts settings page.

7. In order to access a different account, click on your name on the extreme right of the page. Now click on Switch account right at the bottom of the box.

8. Your primary account will be written in bold with a green tick next to it. Now simply click on Sign in to another account.

9. You will be taken to a log-in page where you need to enter your login details, following which you can access multiple Gmail accounts at the same time.

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