How to Access US and UK only sites for free; Bypass country restriction

Very often those of us who live outside US and UK are stuck with problem that  a particular site or online service is only available in US or UK. This restriction based on country can be bypassed using a VPN client.VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. But often setting up a VPN is not a very and straight forward task. But then there is this VPN client which is perhaps the easiest way of setting up a VPN client that will give you access to US and UK sites .


Tunnel-Bear is very easy set just a few clicks and you are all set to use it.With it you can easily access those sites which will only allow residents of US and UK to access their content.TunnelBear creates a secure, encrypted connection between your computer, tablet or smart phone and a server in the host country you want to connect to. To the internet it will look like your signal originated in the host server country.You can use TunnelBear from anywhere in the world except China

How to Setup and Use Tunnel Bear

Step 1 : Download TunnelBear from this site.

Step 2 : Open the Downloaded file and start the Wizard to set up an account with the Tunnelbear.

tunnelbear setup account


Step 3 :  Fill in the details and do not forget to add your twitter account to it as a tweet about TunnelBear can get you an extra 1 GB for free.

Step 4: Now check your E-mail for a confirmation link that was sent to you by Tunnelbear and click on it.Once you are through above steps TunnelBear will install a OpenVPN driver on your computer.

TunnelBear open vpn driver

Step 5: That’s it you have installed Tunnelbear. Below is a screenshot of what the Tunnelbear looks like when it’s launched.The screen shows you the speed graph and also how much free data is left with your account. You can also decide to select the country of your choice whether UK or US by clicking on the knob.

What Platforms are Supported:

Well if you have already started to think of using this service then there’s some good news,Tunnelbear is available for both Windows and Mac.

Not just this now you can also use Tunnelbear with your iPad or iPhone.

More about TunnelBear

  • Tunnelbear gives you 500MB of free usage for a Month and your account is refilled every month.
  • To get an extra 1GB as free data you can join their twitter promo.
  • Premium TunnelBear with unlimited data is also very cheap at just $4.99 per month or around $49.99 for a year.
  • The surfing speed suffers a little setback because of all the encryption and decryption but you should be able to stream videos with a decent internet connection.


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