How to Access Dropbox Files in Google Chrome

Though there are many file sharing and backup services available on the internet, Dropbox is the most preferred choice of users. If you have a Dropbox account and want to quickly access all your Dropbox files in Google chrome, then you can do so by installing the “Dropbox for Chrome” extension.

Though there are other popular platforms that  perform better than Dropbox as well, with the same or better security.
Dropbox for Chrome is the most secure way to access your Dropbox account since it establishes a direct connection with Dropbox instead of running any hidden proxies. Here is a simple tutorial for accessing your Dropbox Folders within Google Chrome:

– Head over to the Dropbox extension page and click on ADD TO CHROME

– A confirmation box will appear that alerts you that this add-on can access your data on Click the Install tab to confirm the installation.

– Once the extension is installed, a small Dropbox icon will appear next to the address bar. Click on it.

– Log in to your Dropbox account by entering your login details.

– All your Dropbox folders will appear in the overlay menu and now you can quickly access any of them whenever you want.

– You can click on your folders to view the files inside each folder. You can also click a link to a file to download or open it directly.

Have you used Dropbox for Chrome extension? Did you like it? Do share your views with us.

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