How to Add a To-Do List to Google Chrome

If you have a lot of things to do every day and are used to creating to-do lists for managing them, you can do so in Google Chrome itself. Not that it is an in-built feature, but you can install an extension called “Things To Do” which will enable you to create a to-do list right in the New Tab page of your Chrome browser.

Here’s a simple tutorial that will help you install the app and create to-do lists easily:

1. Visit the Things To Do extension page and click on ADD TO CHROME tab.

2. A confirmation box will appear that will ask you whether you want to Install it or not. Click on Install.

3. The extension will get installed in a few seconds and you will see a message in the upper right corner of your browser confirming that Things To Do is now installed.

4. Since Things To Do is now installed, you will see a Things To Do list whenever you open the New Tab page in Chrome.

5. If you wish to customize the appearance (font, background, width etc.) you can do so by clicking on the tools icon next to the address bar and moving your cursor over the Tools option. Now click on Extensions.

6. Click on Options below the “Things To Do” app description.

7. Now you can change the Background, Font colour by selecting any colour of your choice. Similarly you can also change the font size, page width etc. by moving the appropriate slider.

8. Now that you have customized the appearance according to your preference, in order to add any item to your To-Do list simply open a New Tab and click within the text area to add a task.

9. If you wish to add another entry to your to-do list, press the “Enter” key and a new entry line will appear.

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