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Can you Add a Dislike Button On Facebook?

Facebook has lot many features among its arsenal. Among them includes the like button, share button and the comments feature. This simple buttons are crucial to maintain the engaging experience on Facebook.These buttons are simple and also does the crucial role to make life simple on Facebook.

But is these buttons enough for us? or do wee need much more options to use on Facebook? Think of the possibility of adding dislike button alongside the like button. That would give a netter user feel and better user freedom. Similarly there can be a lot of similar buttons like the LOL button or the Hate button or the love button for the photos etc.

Such type  of customized buttons are the need of the hour and the official Facebook team might consider developing them and including it into the user use side.

Her for the sake of better comparison, we will take the dislike button on Facebook as to see whether we need the option on Facebook.

Like button

This button is essential to develop the user engagement even when the users have nothing special to say. On such cases like button allows you to express yourself and at the same time allows the other guy to know that many have liked his idea.

Thinking on these terms…Don’t we need a dislike button on Facebook  Though there is talk among the Facebook community about the possibility of adding the dislike button on Facebook, we may not see the official dislike button from Facebook soon.

Why do we need the dislike button on Facebook?

Dislike button on Facebook can really be helpful to express our self truthfully without hurting the user. Like if your friend had posted a particular idea on Facebook and you disagree with him totally. In that case you may comment on his post disliking his idea. But that comment may hurt him depending upon how fragile his character is.

Or you may not comment in his post disliking that, thinking it may hurt him. In this scenario, a dislike button on Facebook alongside the like button will really help him to analyse how well his idea is being received by his friends. Also it will help the other friends to let him know their feelings without hurting him too much.

Further it saves the time where you will need to comment on his post expressing why you dislike that particular post.

In simple words we need the dislike button on Facebook because:

  1. It saves time by reducing the need to comment
  2. It really provides a comparison when the like button and dislike button is placed alongside on a post.
  3. It is more practical
  4. It reduces the use of outside apps by many users to use the dislike feature.

Right now many Facebook users are using the dislike button on Facebook timelines. Such type of dislike option can be obtained with the help of Facebook apps or certain sites which allow you to create special effects to  your timeline.

Here we will explain as to how you can add the dislike button on Facebook timeline without any hassle until the Facebook office later thinks better and comes up with the official dislike feature.

Actually adding the dislike button on Facebook  is a simple affair and you will have a happy time installing it on your timeline and using it on your wall.Further it can be a unique Facebook experience which many of our friends have never tried. It will add another feature that you can boast of with your friends and be proud of.

Here is the step by step tutorial as to how you can add the dislike button on Facebook to your time line. Be sure to follow each step provided in the tutorial.

How to add the Dislike button on Facebook profile?

1. Go to the home page of  Status magic  using the link given.Now you will see a page similar to this page. here you will need to click on the Go to App button to go to the status magic home page.

Dislike button on Facebook
Dislike button on Facebook

2.Once you are there you will see that for the Facebook button to work you will need to allow the application to your timeline. You will now see the page similar to this.here you will have to click on the Allow button. do remember that here you are giving the application your permission  to post on your behalf on your timeline ( without your knowledge) and also to accept the promotional posts of the app in your wall.

If you are okay with that, click on the allow button.

Dislike button on Facebook
Dislike button on Facebook


3. After allowing the application to your timeline, you will soon be  directed to the status magic application directly.Here you will see the status magic page where you can post the status update you can post along with the button you need to place on your status update.

Here as per the status magic page, you have the option to add any type of button. the possible options in front of you apart from the dislike button are

  • Laugh at
  • Hate
  • Love
  • LOL
  • ROFL
  • OMG
  • Me too  etc.

Type your status update in the first box and also type the button name on the second box. Here you will see that i have typed the message on the first box and typed the button name on the second box.

Dislike button on Facebook
Dislike button on Facebook


4. Now you will receive a message like this ”

Your status has been updated with your custom action button. View your profile to see it in action!”

5. So it is time to go to your profile page and see for your self how the post has come up. you will see the button you have chosen along with the status update on your wall.

Dislike button on Facebook
Dislike button on Facebook


See how cool the post looks like and some of your friends will be surprised to see these new posts coming up just on your post and not on theirs. Similarly adding the LOL button or the OMG button will be a hell lot of fun too. Once you see how the dislike button is being installed, you will have no trouble in truing out the LOl button and other similar buttons available with this Facebook application



Points to remember

Please note that we are not advertising this Facebook application and there are many factors you need to remember while using these buttons. Please remember that these features are being provided by third-party Facebook applications.

Any Facebook developer can create an application on Facebook and launch it. And you will have seen that most of these applications will have been coded to use your timeline information to deliver the right experience.

In most of these cases you will need to allow the application and doing that is an agreement between you and the Facebook developer which in default allows him to access your information for his use on his application.

Though there can be no big issues, there is high chances that your information may become compromised. We are not saying that this particular Facebook application is responsible for this. We are explaining that there are chances that this may happen if the Facebook app is fake.So it is important that you need to be pretty sure that the Facebook app is safe and then only click on the allow button.

There are many users who click on the allow button on the thousands of app requests and games requests they seems to be getting day by day. This issue may come to the fore for such users who treats the allow button like anything on Facebook apps.


Facebook users always loves the changes. More and more Facebook users are going to be attracted to such wonderful ides as adding the dislike button and so on. If the Facebook official updates are not available, the users are prone to depend on the third-party apps and this may create some issues from within.

So it is high time Facebook launched more customized setup tot he timeline. Instead of making the users depend on the other apps,it would be much more helpful if the Facebook team can integrate these buttons alongside the like and share buttons.

Facebook, here we are Waiting for an official Facebook update of these customized options on Facebook.

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