Add Emotions to your Text

Emoticons are nothing but the smiley faces that we use often while having a chat or conversation with people online, it is a great way to add something more to your words than just plain old boring text. Emoticons can express amusement, happiness, sadness, anger, sadness, shock, mischievousness and even tears.

Facebook is the latest IM in the cyberspace and adding emoticons to Facebook chat requires you add commands from keyboards and unlike Yahoo Messenger or Orkut it doesn’t have an Emoticon portal.


How to add Emotions to your Text on FB Chat

With just a few keystrokes from your keyboard you will be able to add smileys or Emoticons to your text. Here is a step-by-step procedure for newbies and even professionals because often times the commands for different IMs are different.

Step 1

Go to your Facebook account and open chat feature, once you see your friend online begin the chat.

Step 2

Write something that you want to share with your friend, a sentence of any emotion can be accompanies with its counterpart emoticon. Therefore any sentence will do, even neutral.

smiley-face-emoticonsStep 3

Choose an Emoticon code from this list and paste the code there.

For Happy Smiley type :~) (Remove the tilde ~)
For Very Happy Smiley type =)
For Grinning Smiley type :~D (Remove the tilde ~)
For Wink type ;D
For tongue sticking out type :~P (Remove the tilde ~)
For Smiling Devil type 3:)
For Angelic Smiley type 0:)
For Love Smiley type <3

Step 4

Always Place your smiley after leaving 2 spaces proceeding your sentence. As in, “I cannot come to party tonight  🙁 I am going with my dad for shopping.  :|”

Step 5

If you like, you can add a nose to your smiley by just adding a “-” after “:” symbol. (Note: Do NOT use ” symbols while operating with this instruction).

Step 6

Always enter 2 spaces after the smiley such that smiley is well spaced between this formatted sentence.
I hope this works for you as it did for me and thousand of others. Play with emotions on Facebook.

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