How to Add Facebook Comments in WordPress

Implementing Facebook Comments in your WordPress blog is the best option to indulge with the readers of your site more socially. Facebook Brings to your site.

  1. Genuine Comments
  2. As everybody has a Facebook Id, there would be a more chances of getting more comments.
  3. Commentors would have the choose to post the same comment to their wall too.
  4. Tracking of the commentors profile

Lets starts the tutorial to add Facebook comments in WordPress:

apps name and site name
  • Give App Display name app Namespace in small case
  • Then Agree to terms and conditions
  • Then click on Continue

apps developing for fb comments

A new page will open containing your App Id and App Secret Codes.Then fill the respective details.

  • App Display name and Namespace both in small case
  • Contact email
  • App Domain in which website you are going to integrate Facebook comments
  • Category as you wish
  • Then in Select how your app integrates with Facebook “Select Website
  • Enter the website URL and don’t forget to put “http://” in front of URL
  • Then save it.

Now Goto your  FTP access or WordPress dashboard 

  • Upload Simple Facebook Comments For WordPress Plugin in directory /wp-content/plugins/ or use WordPress Dashboard to Install it.
  • Active it.
  • Goto Simple Facebook Comments For WordPress setting page
Simple Facebook Comments For WordPress
  • Enter Comments moderator Facebook profile name
  • Enter Facebook App Id which you got at the time of creating Facebook App
  • Enter Comments Box Height and Width as your Wish
  • Enter the number of comments you want to show when the page loads
  • If you want to show Comments Box on Pages too leave the Disable Comments On pages “unticked
  • Then save it.

You may also like to create an Android app for your blog in 10 minutes. Don’t forget to check out series to increase traffic on your website.

Now Facebook comments box is successfully integrated to your website without even interfering or replacing the Default WordPress comments Box.

Do let us know if you liked it or not, and why do you prefer Facebook comments when there is in-built WordPress comments system?


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