Virtual Dock in Windows

Windows itself is a pretty good operating system as software availability, price etc. But sometime you may perhaps miss such a feature that will let you find your desired programs even faster. To access frequently used apps faster, Microsoft has included Taskbar in Windows OS.

Virtual Dock in Windows

It does not allow users to stick any folder or file or you cannot customize it according to your necessity. That is a negative aspect of Windows. Mac comes with a very handy and easily customisable doc.

But, Windows users are far away from editing their Taskbar and that is where this third-party dock comes in. If you have used Mac before, you might have seen how functional the “Dock” is. If you would like to get a Mac like Dock in your Windows that will let you do even more things than usual, here you go. By using this useful software, called ObjectDock, you can easily add an additional Mac like Dock in your Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to add Mac like Dock in Windows using ObjectDock?

This is easy to add a constructive dock in Windows with the help of ObjectDock, which is obtainable at free of cost for first 30 days. After the trial version, you have to buy it by spending only $9.99.

There are many other Windows software like this but ObjectDock is preferred since it is easy to use and does not take much time to be set up.

To add a Mac like Dock in Windows, just download and install it in your PC. After installing, you will get two different docks on your screen. First one will be in the bottom of your screen and the second one will be in the top of your screen. You can use both concurrently.

add Mac like Dock in Windows using ObjectDock
ObjectDock as Top Menu Bar
add Mac like Dock in Windows using ObjectDock
ObjectDock as Mac Like Dock

Whenever, you will open any software i.e. Chrome or anything else, the actual dock (bottom one) will show the opened app automatically.

However, the second dock will not show anything without any manual action. You can put a variety of files or folders in the top menu bar. If you have marked anything as “favorite”, you will also get them in the top menu bar.

ObjectDock Configuration

ObjectDock Configuration

Although, the default settings are adequate to run it as per your requirements, you can still customize it. You can insert or drop gratuitous stuffs like QuickLaunch Dock, Tabbed Dock etc. Or; you can allow or disallow it to load at startup, hide or show default Windows Taskbar, Enable or Disable Aero Peek and more others. You should also know that only one tick and un-tick can change your settings within moments. This is as simple as said.

Tips to Use ObjectDock

  • Don’t add it at Windows startup. It can make your boot slower.
  • To add new file, folder, software in the dock, just drag and drop the corresponding icon to the dock.
  • You can add more than one Tabbed dock.


ObjectDock is awesome software to bring Mac like Dock in Windows. However, if you do not want to get most out of your home screen, then there is no need to install this software.

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