How To Add Multiple Home Pages In Internet Explorer 9

You love browsing the web and want to open multiple websites at once so that you don’t need to waste time opening your favorite websites again and again. Nobody has just a single favorite or anything. Well, at least I don’t have a solo favorite in any field. Same applies to web browsing. We don’t have a particular website we love the most. Sometimes we like to open Facebook, other times Wikipedia. Thanks to the multiple home page features in Internet Explorer 9, now you set a number of websites as homepages and have all of them open whenever you launch IE 9.

Here is a simple tutorial that shows how to add multiple home pages in IE 9:

1. Launch Internet Explorer 9 and click on the Gear button located on the top-right of the screen.

2. Click on Internet Options from the list.

3. Under the General tab, there is an option to create home page tabs. You can add as many websites as you want by typing each address on a new line.

4. Now simply click on Apply followed by OK to save and apply the changes.

Now whenever you open Internet Explorer 9, all websites that you added will open up in a new tab.

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