Shutdown and Restart Timer for Windows

Shutdown  and Restart Timer for Windows

Most of us download movies and other useful stuff through internet. But almost all of us don’t want to sit in front of our PC and see it getting downloaded. So we keep our systems on at night and let the download happen. The torrent clients are equipped with the auto shutdown feature but all of the softwares are not. Hence we need a way to make our PC go off at some specified time. So for this Windows already has a feature called “Task Scheduler” that can schedule any possible thing after the Windows has been booted.

How To Use Task Scheduler To Shutdown Your System :

1. Click on start menu button, search for “Task Scheduler” and run it.

2. On the extreme right pane under the “Actions” menu click on “Create task”.

3. You will see a new popup to create a task. Give it any name and mark “Run with highest privileges” and select “Run whether user is logged on or not”.


4. Now navigate to the actions tab and and select “New”. Click on “Browse” and navigate to “C: > Windows > System32” and select “shutdown.exe”. In the argument area write “-s”.

5. Now we need to setup when this task needs to run. For this go to “Trigger” tab and select “New”. Now this popup allows you to configure when to shut the PC down. You can perform a one time shutdown, configure it to shutdown daily at a specified time, or weekly or monthly. The choice is entirely yours. Click on “OK” and close all the open menus.

This only runs if you are on AC power. To set it up to run on batteries, go to “Conditions” tab and un-check “Start the task only if the computer is on AC power”.

This ends up configuring your PC to shutdown automatically.

Why You Need To Auto Start Your PC :

Suppose you get some hours free for unlimited downloading from your ISP. Daily keeping track of the time is not easy. So you can configure your system to automatically start up. Also if your PC takes time to boot up and you wake up every morning at a particular time, then you can configure it to boot up just before your wake up time.

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How To Automatically Start Your Windows PC :

1. You need to change you BIOS settings because no software can work before your Windows boot up. To enter BIOS you need to find a key that takes you to BIOS. Usually it is the “DEL” key. Don’t worry if it does not enters BIOS with “DEL”. Observe the screen closely when you start the system, the key will be displayed as a message saying “Press (key) to enter BIOS” or something like that.

2. Once you are in the BIOS navigate to the power options. You can see various names like “Wake up by Alarm” or “Auto Start” or something like that. This allows you to input a time at which your system will automatically start. Set the time and save and exit from BIOS.

So wasn’t that easy? Now setup your PC to start and shutdown automatically at the time specified by you. If you have any issues do use the comment form below.

6 thoughts on “How To Automatically Start And Shutdown a Windows PC

  • October 28, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    there is no need to follow such a long process to shutdown or restart pc
    just type simple command in run

    “shutdown -s -t 3600” for shutdown after 1 hour

    “shutdown -s -t 7200” for shutdown after 2 hours

    “shutdown -r -t 3600” for restart after 1 hour

    here -s=shutdown -r=restart -t=time(You have to enter in seconds that you can easily convert by hours*3600 by using your PC Calc.)

    • October 29, 2012 at 8:12 pm

      This is just for once. To perform shutdown or restart at a scheduled time daily you need to use task scheduler.

  • October 21, 2012 at 10:49 am

    That was very helpfull !! and how do I schedule a auto restart??


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