How To Avoid The Blue Ticks From Whatsapp Conversation

With the new “Blue Ticks” feature rolled out by Whatsapp a couple of days ago, you can now know when your sent message has been read by the recipient. Tapping and holding on the message will also show you the time at which the message was sent, the delivery time and also the time when the recipient read it. While many out there find this useful, there are also people who dont think this feature is for their betterment. If you belong to the later group but can’t find a way to bypass the blue ticks, this post is just for you. Follow this step by step guide to avoid the blue ticks.

Method 1

The first and the best way to avoid the blue ticks is to install an previous version of Whatsapp. New features are added to apps through updates and this blue tick feature too was added to Whatsapp following an update. Versions of Whatsapp previous the update did not have this blue tick feature.

While there is no way to uninstall the update, you can restore the previous version of Whatsapp. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Uninstall the Whatsapp installed on your phone the usual way. ( Dont worry, we will install it again and your conversations will be restored)
  2. Download the APK file for the previous version of Whatsapp. Version 2.11.426 should serve the task as this version of Whatsapp does not have the blue tick feature.

Whatsapp APK

3.  Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and tick the check box next to it. This will                       allow you to install third party apps, like APK files.

Unknown sources

4.  Now click on the downloaded APK file from the status bar after the download is complete and                    click install.

5.  Previous version of Whatsapp has now been installed. Now to make sure that this version of                     Whatsapp too is not update and starts showing the Blue Ticks, go to Google Play Store > My                 Apps and search for Whatsapp in the list of installed apps. Click on the icon on the top right                     corner of the screen an untick the auto-update feature.

Whatsapp auto update off

There you go, you now have Whatsapp installed on your smartphone that doesn’t show the blue ticks when you have read the messages.

Method 2

If the above method doesn’t work well with you, we have another method thats pretty obvious but works. The blue ticks appear only when you actually open the whole conversation. To avoid this, just slide down the status bar whenever you receive a message and you can read the message there. This method however has a disadvantage. This method works only if you have message from just one person and the message doesn’t contain more than seven lines as only seven lines can be displayed in the status bar.

Status bar

So this was the guide to help you avoid the blue ticks on you Whatsapp messages. Leave your views in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.

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    Mate there is already hide option


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