Google and various Google services are already  an eternal part of our online world. Internet is full of articles like”A day without Google”,”A month without Google services”,”Top 10 alternate to Google services” and much more. With our best memories in the form of pictures stored in Picassa albums, Our winning moments Videos stored in YouTube, Our updates posts in Google plus, Google buzz,Our business contacts stored at Gmail etc, it would be no less than a nightmare if one day all of our data somehow gets lost.

google takeout

Google offers a great feature to back up and export all of our data stored in Google servers. The best part of the Google Takeout is that it offers you to get your data in open formats, so it’s easy to import to other services quickly.

google takeout Data liberation

The Data Liberation group is the team inside Google that made it possible for us to make our Google data portable. Data portability has long been a war between Facebook and Google. Facebook also allows its users to take their data in zip format but this isn’t a format third-party websites can use. Google offers you to select the services and the data that you want to download thus giving you more freedom.

To backup your data using Google Takeout just login at and select the services that you want to back up and click on Create Archive the zip would be created and would be ready for download in less than a minute.

Simple, right? Don’t forget to share it with your friends, and help them secure their data offline.

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