How to Backup Your DATA Using Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device

NAS devices are becoming quite common these days as a storage solution. NAS or Network attached storage device is simply a device that is completely dedicated to data storage and is connected to a network to provide a centralised data access system and storage solution.

If you are still unsure about NAS then read this post about what is a NAS device? Here we will discuss some ways in which you can use your NAS device to back up.

Some facts that you need to know to understand NAS:

  • Every NAS device has its own IP address
  • With a NAS you don’t need to leave your computer powered ON all the time, your data will be accessible even when it’s switched OFF through NAS on Network.
  • You can use your NAS device to Back up your data
  • NAS can be used to stream music and media through networked devices
  • You can download torrents automatically using NAS

How to back up your data using NAS?

Well the primary objective of a NAS device is to create and manage back up, the reason is simple that it can support many large drives thus providing one with ample amount of storage.

Managing NAS back up using Microsoft SyncToy:

If your NAS device runs on Windows you can easily use SyncToy to create and manage backups.

To use SyncToy follow these steps:

  • Download the file and Install SyncToySetup.exe
  • Start the application Start Menu >>All Programs>> SyncToy 2.0


  • Now using sync toy is very simple just create two folders one on your computer and one on your NAS device and pair them together by selecting them. The folders would be synced.

synctoy pair


There are three different types of sync offered:  Synchronize, Echo, and Contribute.

  • While Synchronize will sync any two folders together so that changes made to one will appear on the other also, so if you add or delete something on one it will happen to other folder as well.
  •  Echo lets you sync two folders together the changes made on NAS end won’t affect data on your Computer.
  • Contribute is also pretty much same just that it won’t sync on deletion i.e. if you accidentally deleted a file on your computer a copy of it will still be available to you at your NAS.

The biggest shortfall of SyncToy is that it isn’t an automated process every time you need to sync you’ll need to run it. But here we will teach you How to Automate SyncToy.

To automate your sync toy Open Task Scheduler and there click on “Create New Basic Task” and then select run daily. When prompted the program to run browse to C:Program FilesSyncToy 2.1.

backup NAS Using SyncToy

Manage NAS backup using Time Machine on Mac:

If you are one of those Mac users you can use TimeMachine to back up your data with NAS. To backup using TimeMachine you need to have your drives on NAS shared using AFP instead of CIFS . So if you are allowed to then go to Services >> AFP >>Shares on the Web interface and edit settings for share and add TimeMachine from “Automated Disk Discover Mode”. So now the next time you open TimeMachine you’ll be able to see your NAS device. Next you need to Open system Preference on your Mac (Accounts >> Login) and drag NAS drive from desktop right to login items window, this will make your NAS drive available all the time.


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