Spam Email

You know that Gmail is the most popular email service that is owned by Google. You can access Gmail using their official application or from browser. Previously, Gmail was linked with Google Plus but now Google have ditched the interlinking.

Gmail is so much popular because of its simplicity. It is even more popular because it is totally free. Anybody can open a Gmail account and start getting or sending email. However, the problem starts when anybody uses their Gmail ID to sign up to various online services. There are many sites, which send emails for promoting their products or something like that.

If you are one of them, who get hundreds of email everyday, here is a trick to make your Inbox uncluttered. Alternatively, if you have mistakenly signed up to any online service or anything else, who sends a lot of junk email everyday, you can make use of this little trick to get a clean Inbox.

Spam Email

Different social networking sites, job portals, social bookmarking sites etc. send tons of email everyday. This is how you can miss an important official email. Alternatively, sometime we want to block some random senders so that we can get a clean Inbox.

Actually, Spam is a common issue among all Gmail users. If you have a pretty old Gmail account, you might have got thousands of spam email till date. To prevent those spam email senders, today I am going to introduce you to a Chrome extension. This Chrome extension is known as Block Sender and it is available at free of cost.

Block Sender is a useful Chrome extension that comes with couple of options. The free version of Block Sender is enough to prevent third-party senders to reach to you. However, if you want more features, you can consider the premium version of Block Sender. Block Sender Pro version costs only $4.99 per month. You can also buy it for a whole year at $29. Before purchasing, do try it to block email.

How to block email using Block Sender?

This is however very easy and not yet much time-consuming to set up. At first, add Block Sender in your Chrome browser. After installing it, you will get an extra Block button after opening any email.

Block Email using Chrome Extension

Just click on the arrow to expand the option. You will get following options;

  • Block all email from this sender
  • Block all email from this domain
  • Block all email with same subject
  • Block all email with a word/phrase

Just select a condition and that’s all. After selecting anything among those options, you will get a pop-up like this;

Block Confirmation Message

This is also essential to enable Canned Response that is located in Gmail Lab. To enable that, navigate to Gear button >> Settings >> Labs >> Canned Responses and enable it.

Enable Canned Responses

Bottom Line

Actually, Block Sender creates filter to block any email by subject, sender or domain. You can manually block any email using filter. But that will be time-consuming. Therefore, Block Sender is a quick solution for you.

Do you get lots of email? Do you want to block email senders? Start using Block Sender right now.

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