Block Unwanted X-Rated websites from PC

It always recommended to keep an eye on kids when they are using internet or place the computer in an open room such that parents can see what their children are doing over the web, but how many times have you seen it getting implemented?

Kids these days are very smart, they know about proxy-server, unblockers and what not. In some way or the other they manage to get over the limitations and reach the place where they should never go at least not before the age of 21.

Harms Regarding X-Rated Websites


Although, it is a part of being a human but everything looks good when done at a proper age, if you are parent you should always consider this and make sure that your kids don’t fall in this trap of Over-exaggerated “love-making”.

First of all, these website show half-truth, the curiosity in kids is genuine, the age when a child turns an adolescence, the attractions towards the opposite gender begins and raises many questions for which child seeks internet because there he knows his privacy and image would remain intact.

Now, following would ensure that your PC safe from these unethical sources of half-truth and over-exaggeration.

If you are using Windows you can easily operate the settings and block P0rnographic websites.

Steps to Remove X-Rated Websites from Kids’ Reach

1) Click on “Start” Button.

2) Open “Control Panel”.

3) Go to “User Accounts and Family Safety” and Click “”Add or Remove User Accounts” which will add a new account whose setting can be customized.

4) Go to bottom of the Windows and click “Create a New Account.”

5) Type a new account name and select “Standard Users.” Next, click “Create Account.”

Steps to set-up Parental Control

Click “Start” Button >> Open “Control Panel” >> Click Open “User Accounts and Family Safety” and open “Set Up Parental Controls for Any User” listed under it.

Browse to “Additional Controls” and choose “Windows Live Family Control” from the drop-down menu that shall come. Select Standard Accounts to monitor and under More Setting click “Windows Live”.

After selection the standard account to monitor, under more setting, click “Windows Live Family Safety” to change more advanced option that’ll block p0rnographic websites from Windows. Doing this will redirect you to Windows Live Website. By default, Windows block adult content but if you want to block some specific website you can add them under advance settings.

Go “Web Filtering” for modifying the websites that are needed to be blocked. From here filter setting can be downloaded as well.

Some other ways to block adult Content


Above we ways in which adult content can be kept at bay on Windows using their default configuration but if you want something more simple, you can use NetNanny or CyberPatrol which will also keep pishers, hackers and malicious worms away.

Download Microsoft Windows Live Family Safety Extension Today.

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One thought on “How to Block Porn, Adult, X-Rated Websites on Windows

  • March 2, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    I have tried and tried to configure Microsoft Family Safety, however at best i can get it to filter search results. i have never managed to stop the kids from typing a URL directl. What am i doing wrong??


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