Change User Agent in Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft is going to replace Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge aka Project Spartan in upcoming version of Windows. If you are using any Technical Preview build of Windows 10, you may have already got introduced to this new browser, what Microsoft have been developing since past couple of months.

Project Spartan or Microsoft Edge has some awesome features such as live image editing, free hand drawing, image capture and so on. At the same time, they will include more features in coming days.
If Microsoft would try to compete with Chrome and Firefox, they should add more useful features.

Change User Agent in Microsoft Edge Browser

However, if you are using this browser and want to change the user agent, here is a guide. You can check the responsiveness of any site by changing the user agent of any browser. Generally, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox has this feature by default.

The most interesting thing is you can get the same feature in Microsoft Edge browser as well. You can change the user agent and try the looks of your website from various devices, browsers and layouts without even physically owning them.

How to change User Agent in Microsoft Edge Browser?

This is very easy. In fact, the in-built option has made it even easier. At first, open any webpage that you wish to check from various browsers or in various layouts. After that, right click on that page and select View Source. Alternatively, you can also hit the F12 button to open Developer Tools.

After that, go to Emulation tab. You will get some options as follows;

Microsoft Edge Developer Tools

Now, you can change the following things;

  • Browser Profile i.e. Desktop or Windows Phone
  • User agent string i.e. Internet Explorer 11 to Internet Explorer 6, Windows Phone 7 – Windows Phone 10, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari(iPad), Bing Bot etc.
  • Orientation i.e. Landscape, Portrait
  • Resolution

You can even change the GEO location as well. This is possible to enter custom Latitude and Longitude to check country oriented webpage.

Your webpage will be loaded automatically according to changes.

Final Word

Windows 10 is going to be a brilliant OS for Windows lovers. Tons of new features will be arrived with this OS. If you will be a Windows 10 user, you will get this awesome feature in Microsoft Edge or Project Spartan browser, which will be included in Windows 10.

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