How To Check For And Troubleshoot RAM Module Errors

RAMRAM which stands for random access memory is the place where windows and all other operating systems store information while they are processing data from other sources.

We would be taking this tutorial further by assuming you are a windows user and this tutorial will guide thorough the process in windows. Please refer to other sources if you are using another operating system or wait until we publish the same on The Geek Daily.

If you have a RAM module error then your windows computer will start to act strangely which I am sure by now it would have started to do so (that’s why you are reading this article!). In case of RAM module errors BSODs (Blue Screen of Deaths) become common; summing it up it becomes near to impossible to work on your computer.

So here are the steps to solve the problems with RAM modules.

Checking For Errors

The first step to solving the RAM module errors in your computer is to get the right tools which are necessary to first determine the problem and then solve it. Go to this link (memtest download)

  1. Download the latest .iso file to your computer.
  2. Once the download is finished go the location where you stored this file, right click on it and then click on burn to disc.
  3. Place and empty CD/DVD in your drive and click on burn.
  4. Wait for the process to finish and once it does it will automatically eject your disc.
  5. Put the disc back into your drive and then shut down your system.

Now that we have the tools in place it is time to put them in action.

  1. Check your device boot order and keep CD/DVD before Hard Disk so that when the computer boots it boots up first from the CD/DVD where we have our MemTest tool installed.
  2. Put the disk in and start your system, your computer will boot from the disc you inserted and you will be asked to press any key. After that, MemTest will begin automatically and will start checking your modules for any kind of errors.
  3. Let the process run for 7 passes, if the test find an error than continue reading and if it doesn’t then you can relax because your RAM modules are working fine.

Solving Errors

If you have received errors and your computer is still in warranty period then contact your manufacturer and let him take care of the issue otherwise, here is how to do it yourself.

  1. Open your cabinet and remove all Ram modules except the first one.
  2. Start your computer once again and let the MemTest app run again, if it clears all the 7 passes then the module is working. Now place the second module and keep on repeating this step until you find the faulty module.
  3. Once you find it then replacing the faulty module with a new one would solve the issue.

If after trying these steps you are stilling getting errors then try to arrange for other RAM modules which you are sure are working (maybe from your friend’s PC) because sometimes it is not the modules which cause the problem, it might be the slot which is the cause of the problem.

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