How to Choose the Best Processor For You

Who is looking for a new processor, is facing many issues. One is, to tell how many cores the new processor. Our guide will help you decide. Technical progress will always new processors on the market that score with additional “cores”. The maximum is most clearly communicated: More cores, more power. But it is so easy in most cases unfortunately.

What is Use of Multiple Cores?

With multi-core CPU is your once in a position to cope with multiple tasks. At first glance, it sounds good and reasonable. However, you should ask yourself if it really has to be a 6-core CPU. Compare it with the best real life: Would you buy a sports car, because you want a faster car Or is a powerful “normal” cars?

How many cores are in processors today?

The market selection is abundant.

  • At the bottom are the single-core processors, also called single-core.
  • Then follow dual core (two cores),
  • Triple Core (three cores),
  • Quad-core (four cores)
  • Hexa-core (six cores) and last
  • Eight-core processors.

So you see: The range of possibilities is enormous purchase. More difficult is an unerring choice for the customer.

In most cases, these decisions at least for the midfield. Who wants to make provisions upheld, right at the very top. But does that make sense?

How many cores do I need?

  • Single Core: The “oldest” version is still installed it today, but it is long since obsolete. Take away from it.
  • Dual Core: For a long time these models were all the rage. But the increasing computing power also will lead increasingly marginalized. New games or software applications often force these models to its knees. Who wants to “only” goes to work, but here is still good.
  • Triple-or quad-core: you want decent performance, at a fair price and maybe even a few reserves in the future? Then you need to access in this area. More cores use the latest games the way nothing. Most current games are not designed to utilize more than 4 cores.
  • 6-core and 8-core: you want to have made for the next few years, the price factor is rather trivial and the effective utilization of the components is not important to you?

So depending upon the above factors, there are two major vendors in the market which are manufacturing the processors. Here we have differentiated between two game-changers Intel and AMD.

More for Your Money: AMD or Intel?

Who is looking for a new PC or want to upgrade their old computer is, often the question of the correct CPU. Where is there more for your money? AMD or Intel? Who has more power? Discussion on this topic are also often a matter of faith. We show some details.

The market is swamped with the manufacturers Intel and AMD processors. From the chaos abbreviation can only few users actually derive whether the CPU is good or bad. Especially as the definition of good and bad is very spongy itself.

Who has no financial reserve, and also in power consumption sets no conditions, can of course safely access to the most expensive processor from AMD or Intel. In both cases you will get a lot of bang for your buck. Whether this investment but also reflected by performance does is another question.

Intel processors: The Top in Benchmarks

If you look at actual test results of Intel CPUs, notes one thing: The processor giant has the market firmly in hand – at least when it comes to the issue of bench-marking, performance fixed in a test system.

So you created the portal PC Games Hardware regularly benchmarks of current CPUs and sets their performance in relation to each other. The result is here in November 2012 very clearly in favor of Intel.

The manufacturer takes the numbers 1 to 10 with his models. Among the top 3 runners here are the models

  • Core i7 – 3960X,
  • Core i7 – 3930K and
  • Core i7 – 3770K.

Only on the 11th Place in the ranking follows an AMD CPU, the FX-8350th

Intel has discovered a new business model for themselves. To improve the performance of processors, user access to various methods. Intel would like this but with a simplified software. For more processor power Intel offers in selected countries paid activation code. Using special software, additional functions for the processor to be activated. An example of this is to increase the clock frequency.

The overclocking a CPU is partly a lot of work, and for many users a complicated matter. With its new business model, Intel first starts a test session with the very cheap Pentium G6951.

For an extra charge of 50 euros is Hyper-Threading enabled and the level-2 cache increases to four megabytes. Currently, Intel is the only software in the U.S., Canada, Spain and the Netherlands are available. After downloading and installing the upgrade software additional functions are enabled. This new method Intel has invaded a good new idea. Expensive processors can continue to be sold with many features, cheap CPUs, however, can enable additional cost even more power. Use if the user so wishes to accelerate their system could resort to Intel’s new solution.

The wishful thinking is clouded by Intel but very quickly when you consider that many home users do not have much idea of their system components. Users access like to miracle cures, such as software that will clean up your computer. Certainly, very few know that you can also speed up their PC hardware. It takes a little clue about overclocking a processor is, but certainly not want to pay 50 euros to Intel. There are plenty of hobbyists who prefer to work even at the speed of your system and want to spend any money.

Can AMD Score Points with Price ?

The peak CPU from Intel currently costs around 900 euros. Others buy for entire systems. Here, you only get the CPU. Really useful, this edition is so only if one can use the power of multiple cores in fact with over 3 GHz. Otherwise, the money is thrown out the window.

For this reason, other factors should be used. Take, for example, the CPU AMD FX-8350 at No. 11 of the PC Games Hardware rankings. Even for the 200 euros according to the manufacturer 125 watt CPU’s have to swallow. Various bench-marking have revealed, however: The CPU is much hungrier than specified.

So if you interested in the power factor would be here again with a different CPU that does not come from AMD, better advice.

AMD Produces Extremely Economical Processors

Intel produced for quite some time already very low-power processors for mobile use in such notebooks. AMD is now trying also to a series of low-power processors.With the AMD Athlon 2650e , which is now available from, can be a remarkable achievement. At only 15 watts, this CPU quite economical. It was also recently the dual-core processor Athlon X2 3250e with 22 Watt consumption published.

Current AMD processors are currently being installed in high-level computer brands, but these computers only 1.6 gigahertz .

Towards the end of this year will be more products, among Intel products on the shelves, AMD promises determined. Whether AMD can recover from the enormous Intel push and how far the new processors can revive the business remains to be seen.

Question of Faith : AMD or Intel ?

Whether you are choosing AMD or Intel, depends not only on the price tag. Pay particular attention to the power consumption. A seemingly inexpensive CPU may otherwise quickly become the power-hungry, devouring more effectively than the more expensive alternative CPU.

They think when upgrading or buying also because what components you already own. Perhaps you can fit the same socket motherboard with a different CPU.Performance may mean much, but it’s not about anything.


What you think which processor is best for you ? Intel or AMD ? Express your thoughts about the “how to choose best processor” by commenting below. We’b be glad to hear it from you

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