How to clean up your iPhone, iPad, iPod and free up some space with and without Jaibreaking

Hope you enjoyed my last post “How to manage your iCloud efficiently and Save more space“. iCloud comes with 5 GB limited free space which should be managed efficiently to avoid purchasing extra space, similarly iPhone and iPad are available with limited space. Apple do not believe in extendable memories and so at the end of the day all that you have is either 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64G to accommodate all your multimedia needs. So today I am going to show you how you can clean up some valuable space and use them for future use.

Clean up really necessary?

While some people might question that if clean up is really necessary or not, my answer would be “Absolutely YES!”. You might be having a 64GB model and you may not be using even 50% of it at this moment, but disk space is not the only reason why you should perform regular clean ups. One more major reason why you would want to clean up your device is because of the performance issues you might be having with your device. With time you accumulate a lot of cache and temporary files in your device unknowingly, which in later stage of device’s life causes it to work slowly.

Unlike other authors, I believe in equality and I am not going to leave people who don’t like to jailbreak. So I am going to cover one way each for people who don’t jailbreak and who do. Let us begin now!

Free up iPhone/iPad/iPOD storage WITHOUT Jailbreaking

PhoneClean a small Windows only utility helps you just do what we are discussing here. In just 3 simple steps, PhoneClean frees up your device from the cluttered data you have accumulated.

  1. Scan and Analysis
  2. Clean Up
  3. Enjoy More Fun!

PhoneClean comes up with the fast engine to scan and reach every corners of your iPhone for cleaning up these useless and unwanted junk files generated by Apps or iTunes. So probably it’s time to scan your iOS devices right away.

 Supported iOS Devices:

Device Generations
iPhone   iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, the first generation iPhone
iPad   The new iPad, iPad 2, iPad
iPod touch   iPod touch 1 2 3 4


Follow the following steps to get started:

1) Download PhoneClean from here and install it by following the on-screen steps.

2) Launch PhoneClean and you’ll get following screen. Here in the screen shot you can see my iPhone’s name.

3) Connect your iDevice

4) You can tick mark “I’d like to keep off-line files” option if you wish to keep your offline data generated by some Apps.

5) Click Start Scan Button

6) Once the scan is complete you will see a Clean Button, click it.

7) In few seconds you’ll be presented with a screen showing you Cleanup completed successfully and how much space you saved.

Wasn’t that simple enough to save quite a lot of space?

Free up iPhone/iPad/iPOD storage WITH Jailbreaking

iCleaner – a Cydia tweak developed by Exile.90 is for those who prefer Jailbreaking. Obviously this is more powerful then PhoneClean as it cleans things at root level.

Running iCleaner will let you remove:

  • Safari’s cache, cookies, and history
  • Partially downloaded Cydia packages and repo files
  • Application WebClip caches, cookies, temporary files, and snapshots. It also does a more in-depth cleanup for certain popular apps like Facebook, iFile, Instagram, Twitter, and others.
  • System cache files and databases
  • System temporary files and lot more.

iCleaner allows you two ways of operation viz. 1) GUI mode and 2) SSH terminal mode.

Let’s discuss about GUI mode first

1) Tap the iCleaner icon on your homescreen

2) It’ll provide you a few options to cleanup your device, select ‘Yes’ for those you want to cleanup and ‘No’ for those which you don’t want to cleanup.

3) Done, wait for some time and it’ll show you how much space did it recover.

4) It’ll then ask you to respring your device which should mandatory be done.

That’s it, you are done cleaning up your device for now. You should perform cleanups at regular interval of time.


Let’s now discuss about SSH Terminal Mode

For people who want to dig deeper into the cleaning options, you can use Terminal mode, but use it until you know what you are doing.

1) Open a mobile terminal app. My recommendation MobileTerminal.

2) Enter ‘root’ as your username and ‘alpine’ as password (it’s default until you have changed your password to something else).

3) Type ‘iCleaner’ on the prompt now and you’ll be presented with set of options.

4) Select option ‘1’ for analyzing your device for junk.

5) ‘2’ option will clean up the space.

Though Terminal Mode is noob proof, but still be careful while you are using this mode.


Hope this article helped you to clean up your device. Do perform regular cleanups to maintain your device in good shape by increasing it’s performance and utilizing it’s space more effectively. Also share with us your ways of cleaning and maintaining your device.

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