How to Control Raspberry PI using Whatsapp


Raspberry can be a new term for a lot of people but its been out there for a long time. So for those who don’t know about it, we will share a little info to easily understand What is Raspberry PI and later we will discuss how to control it with Whatsapp.

What is Raspberry PI

The Raspberry Pi is a minimal effort; credit card sized PC that can be connected to a desktop monitor, TV or any other display. It is a competent little gadget that empowers individuals of any age to investigate processing, and to figure out how to program in languages like Scratch and Python.

In simple words:-

The Raspberry Pi is a progression of credit card–sized single-board PCs created in England, the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the expectation to advance the instructing of fundamental software engineering in schools and developing nations.

How Much It Costs to make a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi model A was the $25 and model B is the $35, be that as it may, there’s a little astound sitting tight for the clueless, wide-peered toward DIYer; It costs significantly more than $25 or $35. Truth be told, it costs somewhere around four and ten times that much, contingent upon what you need to purchase to make it work.

Why is It called Raspberry PI?

A ton of PC organisations was named after the natural product. There’s Tangerine Computer Systems, Apricot Computers, and the old British organisation Acorn, which is a group of natural product. “Pi is on account of initially we were going to deliver a PC that could just honestly run Python. So the Pi in there is for Python.

Control Raspberry PI by Whatsapp

Now coming back to our actual thing we are going to talk about here. Can we control Raspberry PI with Whatsapp and How it can be Helpful?

Raspberry PI is a tiny sized computer which runs on Python, so it is hard to keep track of it’s hardware performance in real time like temperature, hard disk usage, etc. but it can be done using Whatsapp, and your Raspberry PI will message you details related to its performance and some more outputs as well.

You can control Raspberry PI with the help of “YouSup” an open source tool written for using Whatsapp with Raspberry PI. Before you start you will need Raspberry PI B or B+ installed which can run Raspbian. If you have all required stuff then you are ready to go and use YouSup on your Raspberry PI by following these steps :-

Step 1:- Install YouSup Python library on Raspberry PI but before installing execute following commands to update previous package installed on your Raspberry board.

sudo apt-get update

Step 2:- Update firmware command as well by executing following code

Command:- sudo rpi-update

Step 3:- Download new packages after necessary updates are finished.

sudo apt-get install python-dateutil
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo apt-get install python-dev
sudo apt-get install libevent-dev
sudo apt-get install ncurses-dev

Step 4:- Download and install YouSup library run these commands one by one :-

git clone git://

Once download is completed run this command to install YouSup library

cd yowsup sudo python install

Step 5:- Now register WhatsApp number by defining country code, mobile country code and mobile network code. Run the following command and replace xx with your mobile number and other details as required.

python yowsup-cli registration –requestcode sms –phone 91 xxxxxxxxxx –cc 11 –mcc 212 –mnc 021

11 is the country code, 212 is mobile country code, and 021 is mobile number code. Replace them with your details and your Whatsapp is ready to use.

Once you got the verification code on your mobile, you can register your number with the following command:-

python yowsup-cli registration –register xxx-xxx –phone 91xxxxxxxxxx –cc 91

After registration, you can use Whatsapp and create configuration by running following commands one by one. It will create require you to enter your registered mobile number and password.

sudo nano /home/pi/yowsup/config
##Below is configuration##
  cc=91 #It can be detected automatically

Now navigate to Yowsup folder (cd /home/pi/yowsup) and run the following command to start cli demos

yowsup-cli demos –yowsup –config config

If everything goes well, you can login using /L command and get a list of commands by sending /help.

This might look very confusing and irritating if you are doing anything like this for the first time but once everything goes well, then you will enjoy controlling your Raspberry PI with WhatsApp.

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