How To Create A Fake WhatsApp Conversation

WhatApp is a revolutionary product in the field of mobile market from the initial stage itself. It created a vast economy that every gadgetry candidate wants to use this service now with low charges and high productivity. WhatsApp created around 200 million active users, that’s really hard to describe that biggest thing in the world.

As the technology goes more rapidly in the direction of growth there is another thing which spices up the usage of present trends. And that is creating a fake WhatsApp conversation. It lets you feel funny and crazy and there are lots of methods in making this thing work out.

One of that is Yazzy app. In order to make this thing realistic you need to have android device which runs on ICS 4.0 and up along with Yazzy app on the same device.

  • Install Yazzy on your device which you want to make a fake conversation and then follow us along with the instructions.
  • Select Yazzy from your row of applications and which makes you land on different networking sites where you can have fun by creating fake chats.
  • In that menu select Whatsapp, which leads you to the main tab, enter name and add a profile picture and fill online status of the person with whom you want to make fun out.
  • Now select the messages and enter the time you started with the person then select the right ‘+’ button to make that conversation as if your messages and choose left ‘+’ button to move your conversation in his name.
  • It’s almost done now, hold on your patience for one more step.
  • Now select the right mark on the status bar which you can see on the top side of it.
  • Now start enjoying it man you are creating a prank on the person and creating a conversation which does not exist.
How To Create A Fake WhatsApp Conversation
Fool Your Freinds With WhatsApp Fake Conversation Prank

Another one is Whatsaid app. This app lets you run even on your android with 2.2 and above operating system and is the best thing that can be heard by android lovers.

  • Open Google Play Store and then download Whatsaid app.
  • It is free app and you can easily install it after downloading.
  • If you can’t find it in the play store then switch to your browser and search for it.
  • Find the Whatsaid apk file and download it.
  • Open settings and select applications, in applications go for unknown source option and tick it.
  • Open the Whatsaid apk file and install it.
  • After installing Whatsaid app, launch application and you’ll find the same application background of Whatsapp which makes you feel fascinating.
  • This app consists of three buttons mainly, one is to create a fake message which is on your left hand side. The other one is on the right side which also helps you create a fake message which comes as a reply here.
  • This app also allows you to create your own date to that conversation, change the existing profile picture and share the chat on social networking sites.
  • Now start enjoying by creating pranks and making fun out of your friends. But let it be for fun only.

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