create instagram account using windows pc

Instagram is the best social network that allows you to share photos and short video clips with your followers and since it is especially designed to do that it beats the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is becoming more and more popular as almost all the celebrities from various fields are on it and they share their pics on a regular basis.

So if you also have an Instagram account then you would really like to use the pic-sharing network on your computer. However there is no official desktop client that allows you to use it on your PC and you can’t even create Instagram account from your Windows PC.

But as I said there is no official way, I didn’t say that there is no way to do this! There is one amazing way using which you can not only create an Instagram account but you will also be able to use it on your computer.

create instagram account using windows pc

How Can You Use Instagram on Windows PC?

To use Instagram account on your Windows computer, we are going to take the help from Android emulation software. These emulation software allows you to run Android apps on your computer by creating a suitable working environment for these apps.

We have already seen similar post on how to run iOS apps on PC but that was different as we didn’t use any emulation software. However in this article we are going to use one of the many softwares available on the Internet.

Since we don’t want to take any risks of downloading any malware or unwanted threats on our computer, we will go with the most popular and the best software for Android emulation which is BlueStacks App Player.

So in order to create your Instagram account on your computer running Windows OS, you need to follow the steps below. If you use a Mac then also you can follow the exact steps below to start using Instagram.

Steps to Create Instagram Account from PC

  1. The first thing you need to do is download BlueStacks App Player on your computer and install it once the download process is complete. (Download Link)
  2. Now open BlueStacks and you will see a search bar on the dashboard. Click on it and type in “Instagram” and hit enter. (You will be asked to enter your Gmail address to access the Play Store so don’t hesitate and enter your Gmail id)
  3. Install Instagram from Google Play Store. The installation process might take some time depending on your Internet speed so don’t panic.
  4. Once the application is downloaded and installed, you will see the app icon in the BlueStacks application.
  5. Click on the Instagram app icon and then you will be asked to create an account.
  6. There will be two main options for registration – one via Facebook and one using your email address. You can select any of the two options to create Instagram account.
  7. If you select Facebook, you will have to accept the terms and allow the permission to access your Facebook credentials. However if you select to register via email address then you need to verify your email address before you can use it.
  8. Once you are done with the registration process, you will be able to login to your Instagram dashboard.
  9. Set up your profile and upload a picture from your computer to see if its working properly or not.

That’s it! You have successfully installed Instagram on your computer and created an account from your Windows PC. Now you can start uploading your pictures and follow other people and celebrities and like and comment on their uploads.

I hope that you won’t find any difficulty when you create Instagram account from your Windows PC but if you facing any troubles then do share them with us via the comments section below and we will try to solve it.

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