How to Create New ard Disk Partition on Windows 8?

How to Create New ard Disk Partition on Windows 8?

Disk partition is getting extremely important when hard disk sizes are increasing. Now days, 1TB hard disk are common and partitioning hard disk into different parts of logical storage saves us from cluttering data and messing up files. When you need to install a new operating system on your computer and you need not mess it up with current windows drive then you should create a new partition and install the new OS without overwriting Windows files. This keeps both operating system safe and separated.

What are the benefits of partitioning your hard discs:

  • Partitioning hard disk helps to manage your files and data better. Like you can have a media drive where you store all your music and videos. You can create a personal drive too, that will content all your personal stuff. You can also hide them.
  • When you need to multi-boot(install multiple operating system on same computer hard disc) your system, it is better to partition hard disc, and install it on a empty Hard disk partition.
  • With hard disc partitioning it is easier to backup file system and extends functionality of your hard disc. This also keeps you safe from any OS crashes because your data will be safe in another hard disc partition.

How to create a disc partition on Windows 8:

  • Hit Window key on keyboard+R to open the Run utility to open the device management. Type “diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter button.
  • Now, Device management console will open and you will see your Hard disc partitions. You will need unallocated hard disc partition to create a new partition. If you do not have anyunallocated space, you can create it by shrinking the Windows partition. For this right-click the Windows partition (or any other partition you want to shrink) and select the option “Shrink Volume”.                                                                                                                                                             
  • Shrinking a storage Volume with Disk Management utility is very easy, once you select to shrink volume, you will get a box that will tell the max space available for shrinking(max space for allocation) choose your requirement and click “Shrink” button.
  • Once your main partition is shrunk you will get a unallocated disc space that is not usable until your create a partition out of it. Now, just right-click the unallocated space andselect “New Simple Volume option”
  • This will launch a New simple Volume Wizard that will guide you through the process of choosing drive letter (choose the one not in use), selecting the file system, Label the Volume and lastly complete creating the Volume. You are done, just go to “My Computer” and you will see the new drive which is usable.

Please let us know if you face any issue while following the procedure on your computer.

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