How To Create Your Own URL Shortener

When it comes to the matter of blog post URLs, it has already hit more than 30 characters including your site’s “http://www”. Yes, such a long one. If you’re a simple WordPress user, it’s okay. What about those people who have developed their own blogging platform or those WP users who’ve custom permalink formats? They need to shorten their URLs to share it on twitter and other networks. Look at Google itself, I know asking Google to shorten it’s URL doesn’t make sense. But whatever the query you search for, the URL bar is completely filled with some unusual texts.

Choosing The Domain

There are a lot of services that lets your register you own custom domain. But Domainr is another one that is quite different from the remaining. Do you know? Every country has its own TLD (Top-Level-Domain) and there are many more besides .com, .net & .org. As we are going to get a domain name to shorten our blog post URLs, we have to choose the shortest domain (with TLD) and that too which shows up our blog name in the short forms. Domainr lets you find such domains. When you search for your own blog name, you’ll see some suggestions for your provided keyword.

TheGeekDaily on Domainr

I’ve searched for the keyword TheGeekDaily on Domainr and got these results. Where the green mark at the beginning of the suggestion says that the domain name is available for registration. You can see the custom forms of the domain name with the TLD like This is just an awesome service to get started with.

Choosing The Service which is one of the best URL shortening service available online let’s you create your own customized URL shortener. You can visit bitly enterprise and signup for an account. You’re supposed to pay $995/mo to use that service.


Else sign up on Biy.Ly and you can add your own custom short domain like shown in this pic. Make sure you domain is not more than 10-15 characters. If it has more than 15 characters, then there is no meaning of using Short URL.

Point To The Servers

Login to your domain registrar (I suggest you to register your domain on and go to the DNS settings of your domain. Add the Arecord on your DNS settings and verify your domain on Bitly where as Bitly’s IP adress is

After verifying your short domain on bitly, choose the default URL shortening service in the Settings tab of your account. Choose and select your custom domain besides choosing these like, which are defaultly provided by Bitly to each of its users.


That’s it! You’ve now created your own URL shortening service using bitly and you can shorten your blog post URLs or any other long URLs using your own short domain name. You can share them on FB, Twitter and emails too. Bitly also enables you to track the link records.

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  • July 1, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Read and have some information regarding this shortened url so that you won’t be in trouble nor will have some issues with it. It will also help you find the exact site that will help you shorten your link.

  • June 20, 2012 at 7:35 am

    I’ve used YOURLS for a while now and finally setup a multi-user site at Linky Gaga, and at
    It includes voting and comments on shortened link articles as well.


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