delete google plus account permanently

We all know that email is very important part of Internet. Every person today needs to have an email address to stay connected. And when it comes to creating a new email account, Gmail is the best and the most popular choice!

But there is one thing where I hate Gmail – and that is that every time I create a new Gmail account, I also get a Google+ account that I don’t want. Having one Google+ account is more than enough so when you have multiple email accounts with Gmail, you will also see that you have multiple Google+ accounts as well.

delete google plus account permanently

So today in this article, I am going to show you a really simple and straight-forward way to delete your Google+ account without disrupting other Google services like Gmail, Analytics or any other services.

Steps to Delete Google+ Account

As I said, Google offers a variety of amazing services with the same email address. Some services are great like Analytics, Google Drive, Webmasters Tools, Google Apps but giving accounts to Google+ is very irritating.

There is no use of having multiple Google+ accounts and this move by Google was only for one sole purpose – to popularize their own social network and compete with Facebook.

So if you have multiple Gmail accounts and multiple Google+ accounts and you want to get rid of it then follow the below steps to do so.

First of all, go to this URL – and then log in t your account using the Gmail address from which you want to delete Google+ account.

You will see a screen like below.

delete google plus account

Now all you have to do is tick on the two checkboxes at the bottom of the page and once you have done that, click on the Remove Selected Services button.

Once you have done that, the Google+ account associated with that particular email address will be permanently deleted! You can submit a response as to why you deleted it if you wish on the confirmation page.

delete google plus account

This will only delete Google+ account for the email address using which you logged in to your account. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, then you can follow the same steps for each and every one of them until you have deleted all the unwanted Google+ accounts.

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