How to Delete Undeletable Files or Folders

There are files or folders in your computer that won’t delete. These undeletable files or folders may be a virus. The infected file may stop us from getting it delete. These files or folders ask administrator privileges when we try to delete them and even after giving them administrator privilege, they won’t get delete. I am sure that most of you have found a file or a folder which is of no use to your PC but it won’t delete. So, how to delete undeletable files or folders?

In my case, I have a folder named “Qoobox” in my “C” drive that is of no use to my computer but also it is not getting delete. When I try to delete this folder, it ask for administrator privilege.

Even after providing administrator privilege, it says that “You need permissions to perform this action”.

So, how can we delete undeletable files or folders as they might have virus or any other type of infected files in it?

To delete undeletable files or folders, we need to Take Ownership of that particular file or folder. Taking Ownership of a file or folder is not an easy task in windows Vista/7 and to do that you might need advance knowledge of CMD. To make your task easy, you can make a registry entry which will do all the work for you. This tutorial will cover on how to make that registry entry and delete these kind of undeletable files or folder that can cause damage to you PC / Laptop.

Steps to Delete Undeletable files or folders

Installation ‘Take Ownership’

Step 1: Download “Take Ownership“.

Step 2: Extract the file “Take”

Step 3: Go to extracted folder and click on the file named “InstallTakeOwnership.reg”

Step 4: Provide “Administrator Privilege” for registry editor to start.

Step 5: Click on “Yes” on a screen like this.

This will add a registry entry for you to “Take Ownership” of any file or folder on your system.

With this, you have successfully installed “Take Ownership” on your computer.

Deleting File or Folder

Step 1: Go to that folder where that undeletable file or folder is present.

Step 2: Now, Right-Click on that file or folder and then further click on “Take Ownership”.

An auto closing CMD window will appear which will grant ownership of that file or folder to your user account.

Step 3: Now that you have ownership to that file or folder, you can easily delete it. All you need to do is select that folder and hit “Delete” key on your keyboard and then click “Yes” button.

Note : Same step are used to delete undeletable files.

Uninstalling ‘Take Ownership’

Step 1: Go to the folder where you extracted “Take”

Step 2: Now click on file named “RemoveTakeOwnership.reg”

Step 4: Provide “Administrator Privilege” for registry editor to start.

Step 5: Click on “Yes” on a screen like this.

This will delete “Take Ownership” from your registry.

With this, you have successfully uninstalled “Take Ownership” from your computer.


Now, you can delete undeletable files and folder on your PC which may be a virus.

I hope this tutorial works for you and that i was clear with the steps. For any problems about this, leave a comment below.

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