How to Disable Android Camera Shutter Sounds

A lot of Android users have recently been complaining about the camera of their mobiles making clicking sounds whenever they take a photo. Also when they hold the camera button, it makes around 3 clicking sounds when starting up (apart from the clicking sound while focusing the subject). Here are a few tips that might help you stop your Android camera from making such sounds:

1. Change Your Camera Settings

The easiest method to stop your Android camera from making sounds is to change the Camera settings and disable the shutter tone. To do this, you need to:

  • Tap the camera app
  • Open the menu and tap Settings
  • Look up Shutter tone and tap on it to disable it

2. Upgrade to Android 2.3.4

If the above method doesn’t work, upgrading your android version from the current one to Android 2.3.4 can help in most of the cases. You will be able to disable the shutter sound when you turn on the Silent Mode in your mobile.

3. Android Camera Apps

There are many free camera apps available for your android phone such as SilentCam, SilentSnap Camera and Uva Silent Widget Camera that let you take pictures silently without the annoying shutter sounds.  You can also install an app called Blade Buddy Free (Ad-supported version) that allows you to edit various system settings on your Android device including Disable forced camera shutter sound.

Do you know of any other methods to stop an Android Camera from Making Sounds? Do share them with our reader.

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