How to Disable Facebook Tag Suggestions Feature

Facebook had recently introduced the Tag Suggestions feature which automatically identifies the faces of people in the photos uploaded by users and gives tagging suggestions accordingly. This feature is turned on by default, if you would like to disable it in your Facebook account, here is a simple tutorial to help you do that:

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Click the Account drop-down menu located at the upper-right-hand corner of your screen.

3. Look up Privacy Settings from the list and click on it.

4. The privacy settings page will appear. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and look up “How Tags Work” option. Click on Edit Settings written beside it.

5. A dialog box will show up that lets you enable or disable various settings related to your Facebook account. Look up the Tag Suggestions feature (second-last in the list) and click on it.

6. Another dialog box will appear that explains the Tag Suggestions feature. Change the Enabled option to Disabled by clicking on it and selecting Disabled from the drop-down.

7. Click OK to save the changes and apply the setting.

Bingo! You have successfully disabled the Facebook Tag Suggestion feature.

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