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If you have signed up to different online services, I am sure that you gave some of those services permission to access your profile. For instance, if you go to sign up to StumbleUpon, you will get Sign in With Facebook badge. That is a great way to sign up to any online service faster.

Social Media

If you sign up to anything using your social account, that particular website receives your name, email ID, friend list, circle, mobile number and some other information. Hence, you will get faster sign up process.

Why should you disconnect authorized apps from social account?

However, you know that everything has a positive as well as negative side. The negative side of social sign up is your primary account can be damaged, when the secondary account gets hacked. Alternatively, your privacy may be disclosed for the same reason.

That is why you should always revoke all the access when you are not using any service. For instance, if you signed up to StumbleUpon using your Facebook account and now you do not use that anymore, you should delete the StumbleUpon synchronization from your Facebook account.

How to disconnect authorized apps from Google Plus?

This is quite long procesys. You can also do it in a reverse method as well. Anyway, at first, sign in to your Google Plus account and navigate to your profile picture and Account respectively. After that, go to Security tab and click the View all link under Account permissions.

disconnect authorized apps from Google Plus

You will get all your authorized Android devices, apps and websites, which have your account control. Just click on any website or app to get all permissions in your right side.

Revoke Access from Google Plus

Click on Revoke Access to disconnect that particular website or anything else.

The Simpler Method: If you do not want to follow the initial steps, head over to this link.

How to disconnect authorized apps from Twitter?

It is easier than Google Plus. At first, sign in to your Twitter account and select Settings followed by gear button, which is located in the top right of your screen.

After that, click on Apps link from your left pane to get all authorized apps/services. Just click the Revoke Access button to disconnect any app.

Revoke Access from Twitter

This is as simple as said.

The Simpler Method: If you do not want to follow the initial steps, go to this link.

How to disconnect authorized apps from Facebook?

At first, sign in to your Facebook account. Then, click the arrow button from top right of the menu bar and click the Settings link. After that, navigate to the Apps menu from your left pane.

Alternatively, you can head over to this link to go to Apps page.

Here you will get all the apps, websites and everything else. To delete any app, just hover your mouse over that app and click the Remove icon.

Remove Apps from Facebook

It will show a confirmation dialog. Just check the Delete all your [app name] activity on Facebook and hit the Remove button.

That’s all!

You can revoke access of different apps from any other social accounts. You can similarly do it with LinkedIN and other accounts. This is always recommended to disconnect unused apps so that you can get a safer account.

If you get any problem to disconnect any app from any other social networking websites, do let us know. We will try to help you.

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