How to Dispose your Hard Disk – Securely Destroy Your Data using DBAN

Lets talk about How to Dispose your Hard Disk – Securely Destroy Your Data using DBAN. Before disposing off your computer or your hard disk, it is a good idea to get rid of all the data available on the disk. But is your data really gone? It can still be recovered until you securely wipe away its contents. You never want anyone to recover your personal files, especially if it is sensitive or confidential.

You may use an Ubuntu Live CD or a USB drive, or instead you may use DBAN to do the same.

Using DBAN

The easiest way to get rid of every single bit available on your hard disk is to use Darik’s Boot and Nuke CD. It will destroy every single piece of information available on your hard disk. After you do it, nobody can ever recover the data.

Download the ISO image of DBAN. And use your favorite ISO burning software, such as ImgBurn to burn DBAN to a disc. At the start screen, choose the option Burn image to Disc, then click on the little file icon, choose the ISO which you downloaded, and then simply burn it.

After you have burnt the disc successfully, insert the disc in to the disc drive, and reboot the system. Boot into the CD, and when you do so, you will be dropped into a DBAN menu screen, with DBAN prompt. Ignore everything, and simply type in autonuke.

One you do it, your wipe will begin to lose it data in secure manner.

After the process is completed, do whatever you intended to do with the hard disk or the computer system. Sell it up, dispose it, or re install windows.

Some Advanced Wipes

If you are still not satisfied and are worried if your data is securely gone or not, or if you want to explore it more, then hit F3 function key at the DBAN prompt to land into the advanced section of DBAN. At this screen, you have the options to choose the disk you want to wipe data from, or even you may hit the M key from the key board to change the method of wiping the data.

There are so many different ways to swipe the data. The Quick Erase is the method which you may use to wipe your hard disk.

I guess, the above method would really help you to wipe out all the data securely, and without any worrying about its recovery, when you go ahead for disposing any of your hard disks or any computer.  People generally do not wipe out the hard disks as stated above. But to be on the safe side, it is better to make the data non recoverable by following the above procedure.

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