How to Download Torrents on iPhone

Ever wondered if you can directly download Torrents on your iPhone? With little tweaks you can directly download torrents to your iPhone memory or even remote control torrent downloads on your PC from anywhere

How to Download Torrents on iPhone

 Download Torrents on iPhone (JailBroken)

You can Download Torrents on your iPhone directly through an app usable on Jailbroken iOS devices. Learn more about Jailbreaking.

  • Download ‘Torrentula’, an app for torrent downloads from various trackers through Cydia.
  • After Installing, Run the App and click on the search icon marked as ‘Search’ (Little Magnifying glass) on the bottom bar. You can choose your desired torrent tracker from the list provided

Download Torrents to Iphone Torrentula

  •  Input the name of the file you wish to download from torrent in the search box provided. It displays relevant results. Click on  the apt one. You page with torrent file details, comments will appear. Click on ‘Download this torrent’


  • After downloading the small sized torrent file, this is where real download process begins. Head on to ‘Files’ tab on the bottom bar of Torrentula App. It will display all the torrent files you’ve downloaded
  • Choose the torrent file you’ve just downloaded. Click on ‘Download’. It will automatically start the Peer to peer download and seeding process. You can pause, stop, schedule the download

Remote Control Torrent Downloads on your PC

You can also control and start torrent downloads on your PC from your iPhone.

  • Register for a free DropBox account, Download the client version of Dropbox for both PC aou s well as iOS platforms. You might consider upgrading your account, but free version is more than enough.
  • Now you will need to tweak your uTorrent to automatically download torrent files received from the Dropbox transfers. Go to Preferences -> Directories.  Choose the option “Automatically load torrents from” click on browse button next to it and choose the Dropbox folder you’ve configured.
  • After having Dropbox for iOS installed on your iPhone, browse to the torrent download link from any tracker. You will be asked to ‘Open in Dropbox’ select ‘Yes’ and click upload. That’s it, If you have your PC connected to the internet at the moment, it will start the download.

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