Youtube Videos in PowerPoint

Videos actually add life to your PowerPoint presentation by illustrating your portfolio, product, timeline and important events. You might as well wish to embed a video resource from Youtube which you find appropriate for your PPT Presentation

But PowerPoint doesn’t have a built-in feature to import or embed streaming videos from Youtube. Here are the two ways you can accomplish it

Youtube Videos in PowerPoint

Embeding Youtube Videos in PowerPoint Presentations

Direct Streaming

If you have storage concerns with the host Computer, Use can choose to directly stream the video from the internet

  • Go to the Youtube you wish to embed in the presentation
  • Click ‘Share button’ below the video and choose ’embed’, Copy the code displayed in the box
  • Click on video ‘button’ as shown in the image below and choose ‘Video from Website’
  • Paste the code you’ve copied earlier in the input box
  • Press F5 to view the preview of the presentation with live video

Offline Playback

If the place where you are going present isn’t equipped with internet, Offline Playback is the optimal way to insert videos.

  • Primarily, You need to download the Video and store it on your Hard Drive
  • Services like SaveVid allow you to download youtube videos directly from the web and doesn’t need any external plugin or addon
  • Download the video in either WMV or AVI format, if neither of them is available, you need to convert it later
  • In PowerPoint Goto Insert – Movie – Movie from File, Select the movie file you’ve just downloaded and place it anywhere you wish

Offline Videos are generally most preferred because failure of internet network or Wifi could be disastrous while you’re presenting, and you need fairly good bandwidth speed to stream without buffering.

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