How To Enable Restrictions on iPhone iPad and iPod

Apple iDevices are already the best-selling brands in their respective categories. With even 5 years old owning their own iDevices, you may want to restrict some functions on your iDevice before handing it  over to a kid or to someone else.You can actually control the content the same way like you can control on your PC or Laptop using a Parental Control Software. To enable restrictions on iPhone iPad or iPod, go to Settings–>General–>Restrictions

#1.  Restricting Changes

Just in case you don’t want anyone else to play with your iDevice and tinker its settings you can restrict changes to  Location, Find My Friends, and Accounts. In the Allow section choose the option as per your choice. You can disable Location services completely or you can disable it based on the application. At the bottom there is System Services settings from which you can disable Location based iAds, Diagnostics and Usage, Cell Network Search, Compass Calibration, and also set Time Zone, and Traffic. You might want to tweak your Location based settings just in case you don’t want to share your location with everyone.

enable restrictions on idevices

#2. Restricting Built-in Apps

You can restrict access to built-in apps like YouTube, iTunes, Installing Apps, Deleting Apps, Camera and Safari. To do so simply navigate to Settings–>General–>Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions to set a password.

Once the restrictions are On you will see a Allow box next to each app – YouTube, iTunes, Installing Apps, Deleting Apps, Camera and Safari. Simply tap and it switches from ON to OFF.  This also hides the application from home screen.

Restricting Built-in Apps

#3. Restricting Content in iPhone, iPad

If you want that whoever is holding your iDevice stays away from the so-called inappropriate content then you can restrict Movies, Apps, TV shows, Music and Podcasts and you can also set rating restrictions under the allowed content area. You can set a maximum rating power by simply tapping on any option there.


You can also disable multiplayer games and the ability to add friends by tweaking Game Center Settings available just under TV Shows and Apps.

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