How to Enhance your Swipe experience

How to Enhance your Swipe experience

Swype keyboard is a take on gesture recognition and is solely for android devices, given that there is an option for third party developers to replace the system keyboard.  Though initially difficult to adjust to, on regular use, it gives users an enhanced texting experience. Most android devices come with the option for a swipe keyboard, but it is not enabled by default.

To activate a swipe keyboard, long press the text input area and select the option ‘Input method’. From there, select the option of ‘Swype’.

Now, your Swype is ready to be used!

Some basics

While using Swype, you do not need to lift your finger from the keypad till the end of a word. Unlike the regular keypad where you have to pop-touch each alphabet individually, in Swype, you just have to drag your fingers to the alphabets of the word and voila, the appropriate word gets automatically detected and is displayed on the text space.

If I just do this:

Swype enters ‘quick’ into the text box instead of ‘qick‘ even though I didn’t pause at ‘u’. That’s how smart its autocorrect is. Also, there are other options displayed above the keypad of the possible words the user intended to enter. To select from those, just tap on a word and it gets into your text box.
If you want to type multiple words, just lift your finger after typing a word and Swype will automatically insert space after that word.

Repeated letters

If you want to Swype a word like ‘good’ or ‘irrespective’ or ‘hello’, you have two options:

  • Swype on the alphabets and let Swype do the autocorrect prediction.
  • Loop on the repeated alphabet or scribble over it.

That is how easy it is!


Swype automatically capitalizes a word at the beginning of a sentence or after a full stop.  In case you want to use a capital letter in the middle of a sentence, you can do it by gesture. Start at the first alphabet, swype your finger out of the keypad and back in to swype on the other alphabets. Your first letter will get capitalized. The below image is an example of gesture capitalization where the ‘h’ of ‘how’ is required to be in capital letters.

 Adding words to the dictionary in Swype

Since Swype only works for words existing in its dictionary, the user has an option to add new words there. All you have to do is type the alphabets normally instead of swyping them and tap on the bar above the keyboard where suggestions are displayed. Then, select ‘add to dictionary’. Now, the newly added word is ready to be Swyped!


To insert punctuation, press on the punctuation mark and swype it to the space bar. It gets inserted. For example, to insert a ‘?’

Single letter word

Similar to inserting punctuations, single letter words can be inserted by swyping from the alphabet to the space bar. The alphabet gets inserted followed by a space.

Bouncing for words

In order to enter a word like ‘pot’ you can do this:

Instead of :

Swype does not neet to be in straight line. If only you miss ‘u’ and ‘I’, ‘pot’ will get automatically detected.

How to configure Swype

Swype can be enabled by pressing ‘Swype’ key of the keypad.

In case that option is not available, go to ‘Language and Keyboard’ in your ‘System Settings’ menu:

Then, select Swype and customize your settings:

Though Swype may seem difficult to use with limited number of words in its dictionary, once you start using it regularly, it will get addicting to use. All you will have to do is Swype on your screen and your text is ready!

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