How to Extract Image from DOCX File without Any Software

How to Extract Image from DOCX File without Any Software

.docx is the standard document file extension, which is being used by most of the document editors/creators such as Microsoft Word, LibreOffice and so on. Generally, people use this kind of file for office purpose, students use this file for projects and so forth. Microsoft Word and other similar software lets users to insert image in any .docx files. In other words, if you are creating any document that needs some images to describe anything better, MS Word would be the first choice.

How to Extract Image from DOCX File without Any Software

Now, let’s assume that someone has sent you a document, which has some images and you need those images separately to use somewhere else. At such moment, you must have to extract images from that .docx file. This is certainly possible to extract those images one by one. But, it will consume a lot of time if you have 50 images or so in a document.

Nevertheless, here is a trick that will let you extract all images from DOCX file without using any third party software. That means, there is no need to make search for review of any particular image extractor. This guide will let you do the whole thing within moments.

Extract Image from DOCX File without Any Software

A vast majority of people use various RAR/ZIP file extractor. There are plenty of such programs available on the web, what are being used by almost all Windows users. This trick would be done with the help of any ZIP file extractor such as WinRAR, 7ZIP etc.

Therefore, at first, you need to show the file extension. By default, Windows hides the extension to make clear experience. In addition, any user can easily recognize any file format by checking the file icon. However, in this case, you need to show the file extension. To do so, just open your Control Panel and go to Folder Options. After that, remove the tick that is positioned before Hide extensions for known file types.

Show File Extensions in Windows

Now, don’t forget to save all changes. Thereafter, right click on that particular file and select Rename option.

Rename .docx file

Alternatively, you can select the file and hit the F2 button. Now, remove the .docx extension and write .zip. That means, if you had a .docx file with Thegeekdaily name, if should be looking after renaming.

Create ZIP FIle

To save the change, you need to hit the Yes button on the popup. After that, right click on the newly created ZIP file and select Extract Files button.

Extract ZIP file

After extracting, navigate through the following path;

<Folder name>/word/media

Here, Folder Name is your .docx file name that you have converted into .zip.

You will get all the images in the above mentioned location. All the images would be renamed as image1.jpg, image2.jpg and so on.

Final Word

Instead of using any third party software just for extracting images from a DOCX file, this is far better to use this trick. You do not have to purchase any software neither you have to look for any free tool. At the same time, this trick doesn’t consume more than 30 seconds to complete.

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