How To Extract Text From Images

text from images

You  might have come across images that contain a good amount of text that interest you, If you did, then you might have thought to share the text only either as a tweet or a facebook status.

What do you do?

Open your image in one window and notepad in other and then type the text in the image letter by letter just so that you can update it. Don’t you think that is a bit time consuming and if you need to do that with a handful of images then it becomes both difficult and irritating. In this post today I will be sharing with you an application which will make this job easier for you. All you will need to do is just run the application, open the image you want to extract the text from and done! The software extracts the text from the image and copies it to your clipboard.

The app I am talking about is called gttext which stands for Ground Truth Text, it is a special tool which extracts the text from an image out of a selected area or the complete image.

Now, that we are done with the introduction let us go through the whole process.

Extract Text From Images Using Ground Truth Text

The first step is to download the application. Click here and from the list of released versions available, download the latest one and install it on your PC. The installation will continue like any other application just agree to the terms and click on next until it finishes.

Now, when the installation is complete, it is time to get into action. Run the application and you will see a file explorer window pop up before you. Select the image from which you want to extract the text. GT text supports TIFF, JPG, BMP and GIF formats which it can extract the text from.

  1. Select the image, GT Text will open it in the extractor.
  2. Click on the OCR button (marked in the image below). After you click the OCR button, your cursor will become active and you will be asked to select the area of the image where you want to extract the text from. You can either select a specific area or just select the whole image.
  3. OCR+buttonAs soon as you release your mouse button after completing the selection, a window  will popup before you which will contain the text GTtext was able to extract from the image and you will be given three options below the extracted text: Cancel, Try Again and Continue. If you are satisfied with the extraction click on Continue.
  4. Now, open any text editor like notepad and press ctrl+V to paste the text (you can also right click and click on paste).

Over to you

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