Blog post idea

Finding a unique and good topic (idea) for blog post every time gets difficult and it becomes more difficult if you don’t have basic knowledge of post  idea. The below list have some very important points to find blog post ideas that will help you to gain basic as well as advance knowledge of writing a post.

Blog post idea


How to list are most popular now a days. How to list contains tutorial of  regarding any thing with full details. Always write tutorial with easy and  understandable steps. Before writing tutorial always empathize your self as  newbie reader for that tutorial write each and every step basic step.

As I am new to WordPress theme Customization. Today when I was  searching for Thesis Customization tutorial most of the site didn’t have  basic steps which are very important to write because tutorial are searched  by newbie. Try to cover every minute step.


Prepare list of Top 100 Top 50 Top 10 Top 5 etc these are some highly  visited list type on internet. List make a type of trust in visitor’s mind  because list are easy to read and understand and are prepared after little  bit research.


Write all tips and tricks you know which will help readers. People are  finding short cut ways to do every things so Tips and Tricks are most search  term on internet mainly in Computer and internet niche.


Don’t make your blog a new channel website. Publish only those new which  are very highly important for your blogs niche and don’t write news as a  news make in interactive ask question about that to your readers and write  what you feel about it.


Writing about your favorite is one the best idea and readers are even  more interested in knowing. Write about your favorite related to your niche  e.g. website, reference, books, eBooks, if you write about mobile, iPhone  than write the most liked application by you and whatever you like.


Roundup posts are the post which contain links of previous articles. Making  a list of your weekly or monthly posts and give additional details like which  post was most popular in how much time number of comments gained by  every post or make list of only popular posts or most commented post.  Make any type of roundup posts which you like the best.


Income and traffic are most popular now-a-days and are liked most by  readers. Don’t publish Income or traffic report if your income and traffic is  very low and if you are publishing than have a backup of earning and traffic  Most of  the blogs I have noticed that these types of post are getting very  high traffic because people are more interested in knowing your progress  and get motivated through it.

Q and A

Check your comment section and email if you get any question by your  reader then answer them as soon as possible and don’t forget to add  reader name this will encourage other reader to ask you questions.


Sometimes will browsing or reading something a nice idea for a blog post sparks in your mind. You will think that you can remember it, but you will forget it very soon and you will never write a post on that topic.

So maintain a doc or text file, and add all your post ideas there, and over time you will build a huge list of awesome ideas. When ever you are looking for blog post ideas, scan through it, and you will be writing in no time. Make sure that you scan through the list often and don’t make it too long.

Use google docs to maintain the list, so that you can access it from anywhere.

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