How to Find Guest Bloggers for your Blog

You may be the soul of your blog and may be maintaining the whole of it from design to writing quality content but in times it may happen that you may become busy and maintaining your blog may become a bit difficult .The main problem in busy days is writing quality content which require a hell lot of time which you may not afford in those days. In those days Guest Bloggers comes into picture to rescue you. They write quality content in your blog for free and no need for you to pay a single penny to them.

You may think that if they are not paid by you then why will they write in your blog? The answer goes on like this:

  • Many Guest bloggers write posts in other blogs to get a backlink back to their blog/site. They add a link to their blog in the Author Bio section which is normally kept at the end of the post, so that their search engine rankings will improve.
  • He may also write to expose his blog to the others readers so that he will get a good amount of new readers to his blog.

Whatever may be the reason behind that guest bloggers are very important for a blog maintained by a single person. After knowing the importance of the guest bloggers many of you may have a question on how to find one. In this post I will tell you the different ways to find guest bloggers.

Guest Bloggers too have Community:

Yes, guest bloggers also have a community. is the one. It is the place where your request of guest bloggers will be reaching a huge group of guest bloggers and if your blog meet their requirements, then they will approach you through an email and submit you their posts.

First you have to create an account in the website and then update your profile with genuine details of your blog and then request for a guest blogger by posting a thread in their forum. That’s all take a cup of coffee and wait for few days not more than a week normally 3-4 days. At least one guest blogger may approach you. My experience was, I created an account and was waiting for the guest bloggers. On the 4th day of my request I got a reply from a guest blogger asking that “shall I write for your blog (Amateur Geeks)”.From that day I have got many requests from guest bloggers and many posts from them. I have accepted a few and published them in my blog (, you can conform them. is very good source for the guest bloggers each blogger should make use of.

Your Blog is the Right Place:

Create a page in your blog with all your requirements guest blogger you need have to fulfill. Even write about the categories which guest bloggers have to submit posts to your blog so that their time won’t get wasted by submitting a wrong post to you. Place the link to the page in the main menu in the top of your site or a place where your readers can easily see it.

Forums Are the Best:

Forums are the best way to get any kind of help and information. Search for some forums with are active in recent days and become a member and post in the respective section, that you require a guest blogger for your blog. You will surely get help if the forum is an active one with good amount of users.

Last but not Least:

If you are a blogger then you might have your own bloggers circle. Tell those blogger friends that you need some guest posts for your blog. If they write for you then it’s well and good you can have guest post from your friend.

3 thoughts on “How to Find Guest Bloggers for your Blog

  • September 26, 2011 at 1:09 am

    I’ve used MyBlogGuest for posting articles on other people’s sites and have also had quite a few people gest posting on mine – it’s a good system. Unfortunately, the site seems to have been hacked and it’s not working at the moment (25/09/11)…

  • April 4, 2011 at 2:27 am

    Gr8 post. I am also a member of MyBlogGuest and I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to guest blog or publish for guest bloggers. The articles gallery seems to work best for me as I can preview an article and offer to publish it. All I do then is wait for a reply and go grab the html and publish it on my site.

    See you all over there!


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