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Smartphone has become the unavoidable thing in out day-to-day life. Almost everyone has got the importance of smartphone due to the various range of facilities offered by it which lets us to simplify our life. Anyhow there are lot of questions comes in out mind like “How high should the screen resolution, how fast the processor should be?” These are just two of common questions that arise before buying a smartphone. We show what to look at the hardware and how you can quickly check that if a smartphone is suitable for you or not. We will show you how to evaluate the basis of the manufacturer’s information to determine whether a smartphone suits your needs. Sure, a bad software, hardware failures, production defects are of course in no data and can make a good smartphone supposedly worthless. But to make such as a pre-selection, the checklist may be useful.

Platform: From iOS to Windows Phone

mobile os First you need to decide on an operating system, also called platform. The operating system is determined by how easy the phone is to use, and what you can do with it. Six platforms play a role in the market at the moment, two of which set the tone: The iPhone (and only the iPhone) works with Apple’s iOS , Google’s Android , which is used by almost every major mobile phone manufacturers. Both platforms feature a huge range of apps , and a strong focus onto mobile Internet. The differences: Apple’s iOS is clearly closed, restricted by at some points, but overall coherent. Android ‘s open, flexible adaptable to your own needs, but overall inconsistent. For example, even new devices come with different versions of Android on the market. Updates can often long in coming. Windows Phone is operating system by Microsoft which is currently being used by several manufacturers such as Nokia. The platform so far, the breakthrough has not yet succeeded, according to the app is offering significantly smaller than iOS or Android. With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft takes a new approach at the moment. There are manufacturer’s proprietary solutions like Apple’s iOS. The most popular is probably RIM’s BlackBerry OS , which has many advantages for business users, for example in terms of safety. Nokia has Symbian in use, uses Samsung Bada . Both are quite easy to operate, offering a considerable range of additional software, but lead a shadowy existence.


smartphone dislayHow comfortable can operate and use a smartphone, and also depends on the display. Size, resolution, brightness determine the quality of the display – and that is directly related to the price. Say: If you want a really great display, you have to dig deep into your pocket. The good news: The quality is generally very high now. Really bad display can only be claimed in the regions below 150 euros. About the size of the display determines the personal taste. Finally, according to the display size and the size of the smartphone. Our rule of thumb: Less than 4 inch diagonal display, it is very detailed on the screen, the web browsing then makes only limited fun. With more than 4 inches gets tough with the one-handed operation. How much information can be seen on the display depends, strictly speaking, not on the size, but the resolution , i.e the number of dots or pixels that make up the display. Where: Under 320 x 480 pixels, its for inconvenient while  surfing , so display should  be at least 480 x 800 pixels. In display technology, you have the choice between LCD and OLED . Here, draw the OLEDs made by some brighter colors, lower power consumption, but also a lower brightness. Golden rule of display: The best view.


nvidia-tegra-cpu Because of the many features and the elaborate user interfaces to the processor plays an increasingly important role. But how liquid the operating system on the touch screen to view is how quickly the smartphone mastering complex tasks depends not only on the processor, but also on the software and how well both are coordinated. An example: the latest Android version 4.1 runs on devices with dual-core processor as elegant as the previous version 4.0 on devices with quad-core processor. Yet let the processor data to draw conclusions about the actual performance. Who on a truly elegant operation emphasis should, for a device with dual-core processor to decide. Quad-core processors at the moment only in very complex tasks such as graphically demanding games play to their strength. The second most important figure is the clock frequency : Very simple models operate at 600 MHz, 800 MHz, are common in current entry-level models. For a really flowing operation, it should be 1 GHz. When RAM 512 MB is the minimum for a comfortable use.


sandisk_microsdWho wants to use his smartphone as a music player, and possibly also as a mini-cinema should pay attention to the amount of memory. In many but not all can be in the memory by microSD card expand. But iPhone, for example, it provides the latest iPhone 5 at least 16 GB of memory. Android devices can be expanded frequently, but sometimes come with a very small internal memory. With entry-level models can be of only 100 MB. While music and movies can easily be put on the memory card, many apps are only stored in the internal memory – 100 MB and there may be too little for an app.

Radio links

wireless-icon The quick access to the Internet only makes smartphones smart really. Practically every device today governs wireless , so goes the local Wi-Fi network in the office or online for free. Almost all new models from the middle class to support the fast n standard. It works over the mobile network online, it becomes more complicated UMTS , and 3G called today supports virtually any Smartphone, divided, however, in various services: For quick reception there is HSDPA (from 3.6 Mbit / s) for fast data delivery HSUPA ( from around 2 Mbit / s). HSPA + is a further stage, the data rates of up to 42 Mbit / s. Who regularly with the smartphone to the Internet will be, choose a device with at least HSDPA. The successor to UMTS LTE , also called 4G wins slowly in importance. The network operators are expanding vigorously, the first LTE smartphones dominate – but at the moment often with restrictions. Is supporting, for example, Apple’s iPad 3 is not used in Germany LTE frequencies, the iPhone 5, only one frequency, exclusively from Telekom comes in cities to use Anyone already on LTE emphasis should look for when buying a smartphone so that it supports the use in Germany LTE frequencies.


smartphone-camera The common megapixel ostentation does not guarantee good image quality. And 5 megapixels are really enough, even if you want to print the photos. Much Clippers should look for an auto focus and an LED flash as a replacement. A dedicated camera button, which you can control the auto-focus makes for ease of use. Generally speaking, all in bad light cameras reach their limits, smartphones with real xenon flash are getting at the moment hardly. And an optical zoom’s there are even night and who wants a usable camera may not be economical. With favorable smartphone manufacturers usually save in camera. Smartphone should be able to filming on HD resolution to look for the video function and as much memory or an expansion possibility.


Battery[3]For the battery is true as for the processor: The processor is not a one-to-one close to the speed, the size of the battery pack on endurance. But often, the capacity of meaningful and reliable than the manufacturer’s endurance, and as long as there are no measurements, and the only available value. The battery capacity should be possible in smartphones over 1200 mAh, 1800 mAh is a good value. The maximum currently stands at 3000 mAh, the associated smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) is however also huge.

Best Smartphones For You Depending Upon Above Factors

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 note_2323527b It looks like the Galaxy S3, with its 5.5-inch touchscreen, but still noticeably higher. A stylus makes the score 2 for handy note pad or drawing board. In Ausstatttung and endurance sets the score 2 new highs and the reception is only the predecessor Galaxy Note and the Motorola Razr in the top 10 better. Samsung Galaxy S3 s3 Samsung sets with the lavish, beautifully designed and very comfortable Galaxy S3 raises the bar for smartphones very high. So many extras to sweeten one mobile phone everyday, which also takes on a typical mixed operation about 6:38 hours. Better at the moment only cuts off the big brother Galaxy Note 2.  

Motorola Razr i 440x330-motorola-razr-i-main Together with the Asus Padfone the Razr i is number 3 of the best Android phones. With its 4.3-inch display, it is one of the more compact models, while still providing good endurance. And thanks to the elegant appearance, the best handling. For good reception the Motorola devices are known, and sound of Razr i is also even better.

Asus Padfone


Asus Padfone is a great Android phone with huge features and 4.3-inch touchscreen succeeded in the market. The nine-millimeter slim Android 4.0 device can be operated perfectly without any flaws. The real highlight: The Padfone comes bundled with a tablet, the display consists of only a few connections and a large battery. Running the tablet then brings the Padfone, for at the back is a slot. The combination suggests, of course, reflected in the price.

Best: take in hand

Our advice to the conclusion that even if test data are available, take the smartphone in your hands and check whether it meets all the requirements of the smartphone in your dream ? If you want to contribute some more factors about choosing best smartphone, then you can share with us through commenting section here.

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