One of the biggest problems when using an Android device is the frequent app crashes. These crashes can occur due to many reasons like not able to connect to the Internet, a lot of other apps running in the background or due to less RAM availability on your smartphone.

Most of the times, apps with heavy usage like Google Chrome are the ones that crashes or stops working. These type of apps require a lot of RAM to operate efficiently and when you open some other applications or games in the background, you will start seeing the application slowing down and eventually, it will crash.

So what can you do to fix the app crashes on Android devices? There is a simple way that can be used to fix the issue and allow the app to work efficiently.

Simple Way to Fix App Crashes on Android

I have faced this issue a lot of times in Google Chrome as it needs a large part of your RAM to operate. You can switch to some other browser like Firefox to solve the RAM issue but if you are like me who don’t want to change the application, then here’s how you can fix the crashing issue.

Go to Settings > Applications Manager and choose the app that crashes frequently.

In this case, I am going to choose Chrome app as I am facing issues with it.

You will now see the application manager tab for Google Chrome or the app that you have chosen. On the page, you will see a number of options like Uninstall Updates, Force Stop, Uninstall, Clear Cache and Clear Data.

We are going to use only two of these options and they are “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.

First of all, only click on the Clear Cache button and see if the app is now working properly or not. This option will clear all the unwanted cache on your smartphone and free the necessary RAM to operate the app efficiently. But if the problem still persists, then follow the next step.

Now click on Clear Data button to clear all the data stored by the app in your device. Use this option with caution, because after you clear the data of the app, it will be like you have just installed it. All your saved passwords and details will be removed from the app and you will have to work on it from the beginning.

But it will solve the app crashing issue and that’s what we wanted to do. So if you are facing crashing issues with any of your installed apps, then perform this simple method to make them work again.

Do let us know in the comments if you have applied this method and whether you are facing any issues even after using it.

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