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Sometimes, we download RAR archive which has parts and one or the other part of the RAR archive is corrupt. What we do is that we re-download that corrupted part. But instead of doing this, we should first try to repair that corrupted part. Mostly a RAR archive that has parts has a “Recovery Record” to recover a part at the time when it gets corrupted. But only a few people know that. This post will teach you on how to recover a corrupted part of a RAR archive.


  1. WinRAR (You need not to have any special tool for this. WinRAR will do it all by itself.)

How to Fix Corrupted RAR Archives

1. Check For Recovery Record

Step 1: Place all the parts of the RAR file in a single folder.all the parts of the RAR file in a single folderStep 2: Open the “first part” of the RAR file (<name>.part01.rar).Open the first part of RAR ArchivesStep 3: Click on the “Info” button on the WinRAR application.
(Check if your RAR archive has a Recovery Record)Check if your RAR file has a Recovery RecordNote: If recovery record is present, then only you can try to recover the corrupted parts of the RAR archive. Otherwise, you have no option left but to re-download corrupted parts.

2. Test RAR Archive to Find Corrupted Parts.

Now that you know that the RAR archive has a recover record, you can easily recover the corrupted parts of the RAR archive. To fix the corrupted parts of the RAR archive, you need to know that which parts are corrupt and to know that you have to “Test” the archive.

Step 1: Open the “first part” of the RAR file(<name>.part01.rar).
Step 2: Click on “Test” button on the main WinRAR window.Test RAR Archive to Find Corrupted PartsStep 3: After the Testing of Archive is complete, note down the names of parts that are corrupt.names of parts that are corrupt

3. Recover Corrupted Parts

Now that we know which parts of the RAR archive are corrupt, we will try to fix them one by one.

Step 1: Open the corrupted part of RAR archive with WinRAR.
(In the above example it is “part.07.rar”)Open the corrupted part of RAR archive with WinRARStep 2: Press “Alt+R” on your keyboard.
(Or else you can click on click on Tools Menu>Repair archive)Repair archiveStep 3: Now select “RAR Archive” option and click on “OK” button.select "RAR Archive" option and click on "OK" buttonStep 4: After the fixing process is complete, you will get a screen like this.After processing screenStep 5: Delete the corrupted part and remove “fixed.” from the name of fixed part.renaming rar fileNote: Repeat the process for all the corrupted RAR files.

Step 7: Extract the RAR Archive.

Video Tutorial

I hope that I was clear with the steps and that this tutorial works for you. For any queries feel free to comment below.