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Android L is an upcoming OS update that belongs to Android family. Although, Google has launched only the developer preview of Android L after announcing it in Google I/O 2014 but you will get Android L based mobile phone in near future. As of now, Android L developer preview can be installed only on Nexus devices.

android robo

However, if you like to get Android L environment such as keyboard, notification center, dialer and more others, you should check the following list.

How to get Android L environment on Non-Nexus devices?

Floatify – Smart Notifications

Floatify Smart Notifications, Get Android L Environment on Any Android PhoneYou know that Android L comes with an enhanced notification monitoring, which is known as Heads-Up Notification that lets users do even more that previously included notification center. If you do not have a
Nexus device that is able to run Android L, you can simply use Floatify Smart Notifications to bring Android L like notification controlling on your phone. This application is available for Android 4.3 or later versions. You can do plenty of useful things such as expand any notification from so called heads-up notification, cancel any notification, set custom sound for each installed app, create blacklist to block unwanted notifications and so on.

Although, this is a downside of this app but you should know that you can also take actions right from your lock screen. On the other hand, it takes pretty less space from your memory and that is why you won’t get any problems like lagging or hanging while using this app to bring Android L environment.

Heads Up Notifications

Heads Up Notifications,Floatify Smart Notifications, Get Android L Environment on Any Android PhoneThis is a substitute to Floatify Smart Notifications with some compensations. You will get exactly what you want by making use of this application on your Android phone, which is running on Android 3.0 or up. A pop up will be appeared for each notification even when you are watching a video or browsing or doing something else. But, don’t worry, if you think that it will be annoying, you can simply restrict heads-up notification for particular app. Alike aforementioned app, you can take different actions on notifications using this app as well.

ExDialer Theme Android L

ExDialer Theme Android L, android l like dialerAndroid L will be arrived for regular users with tons of improvements in various sections including the dialer interface. The dialer interface is pretty much changed and enhanced. You will get a minimal looks when dialer screen will be up. So, if have seen that on any Nexus device and you would like to get the quite same interface, you can simply install ExDialer Theme Android L. Your dialer interface will be looking like Android L dialer after changing the theme.

Android L Keyboard

Android L Keyboard, android L like keyboard for non-nexus deviceThis is yet another great app to get Android L environment on your non-Nexus devices. You can install this Android L like Android keyboard on your any Android phone that is running on Android 2.3 and up. This app brings an awesome third party keyboard with Material UI. You will get better typing experience and faster typing speed using this keyboard. Although, this app doesn’t contain so many options but those fewer options are enough to run it as per your requirements.

Android L Lockscreen

Android L LockScreen, android l like locksccreenYou have got Android L like dialer, head-up notifications, keyboard and it’s time to get a lock screen. To get Android L like highly customizable lockscreen on your phone, you will need to install an app i.e. Android L Lockscreen. You will get quite same lockscreen on your Android 3.0 or later versions by using it. You can also customize it according to your wish. You can either use default Android L wallpapers or you can use custom wallpaper as a lock screen background. You can do whatever you want with notifications, create blacklist to prevent app notifications from being shown on lockscreen and more others.

Final Word

To get Android L environment on your non-Nexus devices, you must have to check all these above mentioned apps. Obviously, they will take much space in your memory in bulk but if you really like the Android L, go for them.

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