Phone and PC

Phone and PC

If your Android phone is always connected to internet and you want to get notified for each notification onDesktop Notifications your desktop, here you go. Suppose, you have forgotten your phone at home and gone to office. It will be a big problem for anybody. You can do one of these two things. 1. You can return to your home and take your phone or 2. You can use a push notifier.

If you do not want to do the first thing, here is another solution. If you have previously installed any push notification sender in your Android mobile, you do not have to worry. Whenever, someone calls or texts you or if you get any email or anything else, that will let you know right on your desktop.

Introducing Desktop Notifications

Desktop Notifications is such a great application that is available for Android. It sends all types of notifications to your desktop after completing a simple setup. Desktop Notifications is available at free of cost for Android. You should have Android 2.3.3 or later version to install this app. According to the developers of this app, they have developed this application to collect anonymous data to research on user interaction.

Availability and Features of Desktop Notifications

As mentioned above, Desktop Notifications is available for Android 2.3.3+. On the other hand, you will have to install an extension or add-on in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

[All the download links are given below]

That means, you can use Desktop Notifications on any personal computer’s platform, which supports Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

This application works straightforwardly. It doesn’t have tons of features. You can only be notified on your desktop whenever your phone will receive any email, text, call, social media notification or anything else.

How to set up Desktop Notifications?

This is however very easy and not much time consuming to setup. At first, download Desktop Notifications in your Android phone and Google Chrome/Firefox. Now, the Android app asks you to enable this app from phone’s Accessibility Settings. Do what it asks.

Accessibility Settings in Desktop Notifications

After that, open the Chrome extension or Firefox add-on and enter the secret code in the empty box. You will get your code in the app on your Android phone.

Enter Desktop Notifications Secret Code

After applying the code, there is nothing to do. You are done! After completing the set up, you will get a test notification something like the following image:

Desktop Notifications Setup Complete

The actual notification looks like the below image:

Test Notification of Desktop Notifications

Drawback of Desktop Notifications

  1. Desktop Notifications uses internet connection. Therefore, if you do not have internet connection on your phone, you won’t get any notification. You can use either cellular data connection or Wi-Fi.
  2. You cannot access anything from the notification popup. It will only notify you.

Problem with Desktop Notifications

According to some Samsung users, they are getting an awkward problem after enabling the Accessibility service. After enabling Desktop Notifications, they have got speak actions for each task i.e. folder opened etc.

Bottom Line

App like Desktop Notification is great for them, who just want to be notified for each stuffs they receive on their phone. However, as it doesn’t do anything, many people dislike it as well.

Download Desktop Notifications for Android

Download Desktop Notifications for Google Chrome

Download Desktop Notifications for Mozilla Firefox

Photo credit: Johan Larsson

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